​PSBank Launches ‘Good to Know’ Drive for Filipinos to Save and Invest

ARE you looking for an investment outlet that could give you higher returns and liquidity at the same time?

A Money Market Fund is among the investment options to consider to help you build your savings or grow your nest egg for your future needs. Money Market Funds are pooled funds, allowing investors like you to invest in a diverse and short term debt instruments.

Philippine Savings Bank, through its Good to Know! campaign, shares reasons why you should consider allocating a share of your savings to PSBank Money Market Fund.

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Provide higher returns

Investing in Money Market Fund could provide higher returns than time deposit or a regular savings.


You don’t need to have a lot of money to start investing in money market fund. With PSBank Money Market Fund, you can start investing for a minimum of Php10,000 and you can keep topping or adding to your account with a minimum  of Php5,000 anytime to grow your funds.


With no maturity date, the fund offers liquidity and therefore allows you quick access to your investment after the minimum 30-day holding period without any charges or penalties.

Low Risk

The risks in investing in money market funds are low as funds are invested in low risk debt securities such as treasury bills and various time deposits.  Investors and corporations invest in this fund to park their cash, usually getting better returns than that offered by the traditional deposit products.

PSBank also provides its clients greater access to their trust account with the PSBank e-Trust facility. This full-service online investment facility is designed to enable clients to open a PSBank Money Market Fund online anytime.

PSBank e-Trust also allows clients to make additional placements, redeem funds partially or fully, view their portfolio, and update their risk profile on their computers or laptop, wherever and whenever they want to.

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3 easy steps to enroll your account in e-Trust:

Step 1 – Register or Log in to PSBank Online

Step 2 – Click the “e-Trust” tab on the menu

Step 3 –  Type in your Trust account number

“Saving alone is not enough to achieve financial stability. For beginners and those who would like to grow their hard-earned money, the Money Market Fund is just one of the many investment tools that PSBank Trust offers.

To attain your financial goals, you need to determine your long term objectives and your risk tolerance. You must also have the discipline to set aside funds regularly and spend only what you can afford. These are the key to building your wealth,” said PSBank Vice President and Trust Division Head Reuel Javier.

“Good to know!” is PSBank’s public awareness campaign that provides financial education, relevant information, and helpful tips on how to manage, maximize, and protect your hard-earned savings and investments. (PSBank)


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