​Huawei Philippines Showcases Huawei Cloud’s Cutting-Edge Features

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AS the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, a reliable and accurate diagnosis to determine infection is highly needed.

Meaning, a diagnostic tool that will yield near-100 percent accuracy rate in a really fast way. It is a characteristic that is called “cutting-edge” (or most advanced). Or state-of-the-art.

One such tool is provided by Huawei Cloud that harnesses the latest technology that one can use for the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-10).

In a statement provided to journalists by Huawei Philippines Public Relations Manager Karenina “Karrie” Escueta-Buenafe, it was learned Huawei Cloud’s “cutting-edge features aimed to assist both the education and health sectors during these time of the pandemic.”

This feature of Huawei Cloud is the artificial intelligence (AI)-Assisted Diagnosis that were installed within hospital premises to help the country’s fight against the pandemic.

One such medical institution that installed the diagnostic technology is Baguio General Hospital. And after seeing the results, Baguio City Mayor Benjie Magalong gave a tuhmps up for the Huawei Cloud-enabled CT scan that yielded a 98 percent accuracy rate in only two minutes.

Huawei Chief Digital Officer Michael MacDonald discussed the features during the Huawei Philippines Ecosystem Partner Summit 2020 conducted online on May 8.

The Chinese technology giant hosted the summit for all its valued partners. Under the theme of “Win Together”, the event also featured the latest Huawei partner strategy, programs and policies, along with the innovative products & solutions promotions for its partners.

“AI-Assisted Diagnosis is six times faster in identifying infection in a patient. With Huawei AI-Assist, we can streamline and help identify potential issues in imaging,”  says MacDonald.

“Mayor Benjamin Magalong stated that powered by artificial intelligence the Huawei Covid-19 CT scan could yield 98 percent accurate results in just two minutes.”

This fast procedure was made possible by Huawei’s synthesis of innovative features such as fiber, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 that produced larger bandwidths, widespread connectivity, and low latency.

“Taking a closer look at the solution, we see a combination of Wi-Fi access points connecting through a variety of devices like smartphone, switches, access routers, and 5G CPEs to enable collaboration and communication of doctors, paramedics, and patients securely and efficiently,” MacDonald added.

Huawei’s Cloud also aims to jump-start the education system long halted by the global pandemic. With remote learning solution, students in all levels can participate in an online and interactive learning.

Huawei Philippines, Huawei Cloud, AI-assisted Diagnosis, Covid-19, CT scan
Partner Summit. Huawei Chief Digital Officer for Asia Pacific, Michael MacDonald presents the features of Huawei Cloud AI-Assisted Diagnosis for Covid-19. He discussed the technology’s features during May 8 Huawei Philippines Ecosystem Partner Summit 2020. (Credit: Huawei Philippines)

“Huawei’s online learning solution provides interactive and collaborative solution for remote learning for basic education, higher or vocational education or even teacher training. By joining real live classes anywhere in the world, the Huawei interactive learning platform allows anyone to connect anytime and work on low bandwidth connections down to 64 kilobits per second,” MacDonald said.

The event also featured Huawei’s latest development including Wi-Fi6 and UPS Battery which boasts a whopping lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

To culminate the event, several awards were given to partners. Accent Micro Technologies Inc. was awarded the Partner of the Year and Cloud’s AI Partner of the Year, ICT Talents Partner of the Year award was given to Mapua University.

Huawei also gave away prizes to the audience through an online Question and Answer portion. They gave away three Huawei Nova T, one Huawei MatePad Pro, and a Huawei P40 Pro was won by Raymond Chan.

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