FORU Trucking Shortlisted as one of 100 Emerging-Market Tech Challengers in Boston Consulting Group Global Report

BEIJING, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FORU Trucking, China’s leading technology logistics company, today announced that it has been shortlisted as one of the "100 Emerging-Market Tech Challengers" by the world-renowned consulting organization, Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The report, entitled "2020 BCG Tech Challengers: The Next Generation of Innovation in Emerging Markets", identifies 100 technology companies driving the next generation of innovation and growth.

FORU Trucking Shortlisted as one of 100 Emerging-Market Tech Challengers in Boston Consulting Group Global Report
FORU Trucking Shortlisted as one of 100 Emerging-Market Tech Challengers in Boston Consulting Group Global Report

The report takes a company’s technology application capability, industry status, business model and market traction into consideration and shortlists companies from 14 countries in the 100 Emerging-Market Tech Challengers list. To enter this list, a challenger must be tech-focused and based in an emerging market. It also needs to have a promising business model and to be following innovative paths to growth and success. Challengers are in their early stages of development with the ambition and potential to reinvent and reshape entire industries, markets and value chains when pursuing rapid development.

FORU Trucking is the only company on the list in the field of truckload transportation, while other challengers shortlisted include Pinduoduo, ByteDance, Bilibili and Didi Chuxing.

FORU Trucking has built an intelligent logistics system to make decisions for upstream shippers and downstream truck drivers, helping shippers find the most efficient transport capacity, providing higher service quality and lower transportation costs. Meanwhile, it also provides an order combination plan for downstream drivers to help them increase their transportation income and deliver goods safely.

The report pointed out that all the companies on the list have independent innovation capabilities and different innovation methods. FORU Trucking has built a technology-driven truckload transportation model through technology research and development in smart pricing, smart dispatching, and smart services.

Since 2006, BCG has regularly conducted research on rising companies in emerging markets. Almost all companies that appeared on the "Global Challenger" lists have achieved great global success. BCG stated that the innovation, rapid growth, and rising global status of global challengers deserves close attention, and that they are "changing the world."

The company also recently listed on "Forbes China Gazelles 100" and "36Kr WISE 2020 China New Economy 500".

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About FORU Trucking

FORU Trucking is a technology-driven logistics company that focuses on truckload transportation in China. It has received 7 rounds of investments from BOCGI, Matrix Partners China, JD Logistics and other investors. FORU Trucking is the first Internet company in China to apply big data and artificial intelligence in the truckload logistics sector. It uses advanced technologies to refactor the end-to-end transportation process, aiming to provide the best price and service to shippers.

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