DXC Opens Manila & Warsaw Centers for Migration to Microsoft Azure

ORGANIZATIONS’ migration to the cloud is a challenge that they have to overcome. They need help.

It’s what DXC Technology is doing exactly.

On December 12, the United States multinational end-to-end IT services company announced the opening of two more locations for its Analytics Migration Factory for Microsoft Azure, this time in Manila, Philippines, and in Warsaw, Poland.



The IT company opened its first one in Bangalore, India, in September this year.

DXC’s “migration factory” helps its global clients migrate to Microsoft’s cloud platform and give them the chance “to gain greater value from their data and analytics.”

Its opening of the migration factory locations comes in the wake of what the tech company said is the continued strong demand for migration of analytics workload to the cloud.

In an email reaching SDN — Scitech and Digital News, DXC said its new centers will provide clients with an efficient, end-to-end experience to accelerate the migration of their data and analytics environments to Microsoft Azure.

DXC will have professionals in Manila and Warsaw who will be undergoing further training and certification to improve their skills, particularly in data science, cloud architecture, solution design and deployment to Microsoft’s cloud platform.

At present, DXC has in its pool of tech experts over 900 Azure professional certifications, 900 analytics clients, and 800 analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) professionals worldwide.

They are the American company’s digital warriors dedicated to digital transformation.

“With our Analytics Migration Factories, we are helping our clients’ digital transformations by ensuring smooth, rapid and orderly migrations of analytics workloads to Azure,” Edward Ho, executive vice president and general manager, Offerings, at DXC.

DXC - Science and Digital News
Image: DXC Technology opens Analytics Migration Factory site in Philippines. (DXC)

He said the two new hubs for migration to Azure will be able to help DXC clients to migrate to modern, cloud-based platforms and be able to leverage advanced analytics, AI and machine learning (ML) in new innovative ways.

Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president for Azure Data Platform, Microsoft Corp., lauded the American tech titan’s partnership with DXC.

“DXC’s approach to cloud migrations is helping deliver cutting-edge innovations that help customers navigate the technological and business shifts businesses are facing.

“Microsoft Azure gives customers the capability to extract valuable insights from their data and engage their customers in ways they were not able to do previously. Getting their quickly and efficiently is DXC’s Analytics Migration Factory approach,” said Kumar.

DXC migration hubs to achieve efficiency

Employing DXC Bionix™, the company’s Analytics Migration Factory model was crafted to accelerate and drive migration efficiencies as it comes with a deep library of catalogued methods, proven design patterns and best practices.

It is backed by its team of trained and certified migration factory experts. (EKU)

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