December 10, 2019

Category: TRAVEL

Special Olympics PHL, Athletes Thank UAE for ‘Wonderful Experience’

By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affair (SDN) — BEMADALLED athletes of the Special Olympics Philippines, Inc. (SOPI) have expressed their gratitude and thanks to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The SOPI joined the athletes in lauding the Emirati government and its citizens for taking good care […]

UAE Amb. Al-Zaabi Says Expo 2020 Dubai Countdown Ongoing

By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Intagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current News MANILA (SDN) — THE United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in the Philippines announced yesterday the 365-day countdown for Expo 2020 Dubai has started. Now, it’s One Year to Go (1YTG) for Expo 2020 Dubai. And being awaited is the coming […]

Mastercard Promotes Smarter Travel Experience in Philippines

Media Release: MANILA — TAPPING your card or phone is all it takes to get around a city, thanks to Mastercard Transit Solutions and the company’s banking and technology partners, which have made this possible for people in over 150 cities around the globe. Mastercard recently hosted the first Mastercard Transit Knowledge Exchange Forum in Manila. With the […]

UAE Strengthens Year of Tolerance 2019 through Various Initiatives

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819, Instagram @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affairs (SDN) — PEOPLES of the world — all seven billion-plus of them — should coexist in peace and respect regardless of color, culture, religion, and race. Obviously, this call is a core principle behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declaration making […]

China Marks 70th Anniversary in Manila as World’s 2nd Largest Economy

Highlights: — In 2019, as China celebrates its 70th National Day, the world wakes up to see the Chinese nation transforming itself as the world’s — — Second largest economy; — Largest manufacturing country; — largest trader of goods with aggregate economic output surpassing RMB 90 trillion (about US$13.6 trillion); — Its per capita climbing […]

Ambassador Al-Malki Leads Qatar Visa Center Inauguration

Highlights: Today, September 25, 2019, the Philippines becomes one of the first sites for a Qatar Visa Center, an important gateway for Filipino workers and tourists traveling to the Arab State of Qatar. Officials from the Qatar government, aside from those at its embassy in the Philippines, flew in for the inauguration of the center […]

Cebu Pacific Raises Bar with 63 New Airbus Jets

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819, Instagram @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current News CEBU PACIFIC AIR raised the bar of expansion with order of 63 new Airbus aircraft. Charo Logarta Lagamon, Cebu Pacific director for Corporate Communications, said acquiring new aircraft is a long-term plan of the airline. She told SDN — […]

Eid Mubarak! PHL Muslims Mark Eid’l Adha with Early Morning Prayers

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819, Instagram @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current News EID MUBARAK! Scores of Moros, the native Muslims in the Philippines, performed on Sunday, August 11, the early morning Eid’l Adha prayers. They performed the prayers in mosques and open fields like in other countries, Eid’l Adha, or […]

Microsoft Helps PAL’s Digital Transformation, Empowers Workforce

​Media Release: Microsoft Kaizala helps increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs by streamlining Philippine Airlines cabin crew operations ==============================================================  IN an effort to increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs, Microsoft introduces Microsoft Kaizala to the business operations of the flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) by streamlining communication channels. Microsoft Kaizala is a […]

Synopsys Says ​£183-M GDPR Fine on British Airways ‘A Cautionary Tale’

(SDN) — ​THERE is a lesson that can be learned from the situation the British Airways (BA) is in right now. The situation being referred to is the hefty fine/penalty the BA is facing, to the tune of ​£183 million being imposed by the United Kingdom’s (UK) Information Commissioner Office (ICO). It is an implementation of […]