May 30, 2020

Category: Hardware and Software

Lenovo Splashes with New AI-Integrated PCs at Summer Sale

Media Release: LENOVO is creating quite splash as it introduces a new range of artificial intelligence (AI)-integrated PCs. In doing so, the sizzling summer season just got more exciting for Filipino techies and those looking for their ideal laptops. It’s because Lenovo, the world’s number one PC maker, is releasing a new range of PCs […]

Epson Inkjet’s Heat-Free Tech Helps Business, Environment

Media Release: PRINTING is possibly one of society’s most important technological breakthroughs. The printing press, one of the earliest printing devices developed in China and later in Europe in the 1500s, revolutionized society as it allowed the mass production of books, pamphlets, and newspapers.[1] Since then, printers have become smaller and more functional, especially with […]

Grab Helps Filipinos Cope with Covid-19 through Tech Innovation

Media Release: AS the Covid-19 pandemic impacted countless communities, disrupted many ways of life, and evidently slowed down the economy, Grab furthered its commitment of supporting the Filipino communities by doing what it does best — innovating for the greater good. Such innovations may have been daunting for many as the public health situation remains […]

​New Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform Drastically Lowers Costs

Media Release: HITACHI VANTARA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), has just introduced Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990, the company’s new storage platform for midsize enterprise customers. The E990’s high performance and low latency supercharge business applications, and industry-leading data de-duplication guarantees storage cost reductions. Hitachi Ops Center’s powerful artificial intelligence […]

Epson Scanners Win Patronage from DENR Office

Media Release: IN today’s modern workplace, traditional organizational archives are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the dusty, dim-lit storage rooms, floor to ceiling shelves full of paper and stacks of cardboard boxes bursting with files and folders.  Enterprises are learning to effectively manage the growing mass of documents they generate and […]

Lenovo Legion Next-Gen Gaming PCs Feature NVIDIA, Intel’s Latest

Media Release:    LENOVO Legion™ is set to deliver gaming enthusiasts with more immersive experiences. Its upcoming PC line-up will feature the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GPU with Max-Q Design and up to new 10th Gen Intel Core H-Series mobile processors. Powered by the new GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs with Max-Q Design on […]

Kaspersky Offers Free Security for Healthcare Institutions Battling Covid-19

Media Release: KASPERSKY has announced free availability of its core endpoint security products for medical organizations to help them stay protected from cyberthreats during the pandemic. The full list of B2B products available for free for six months includes Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business […]

Prevent Covid-19 Social Engineering Attacks Using Simple Steps — Fortinet

Media Release: By RENEE TARUN, Vice President of Information Security, Fortinet AS people around the world are faced with fears and concerns over the Covid-19 virus, criminals are also taking note. And unfortunately, they are using this as an opportunity to try and steal money and personal information by generating social engineering scams via email, text, […]

Beware: Data-Hungry Stalkerware Reads Messaging Apps, Unlocks Devices

Media Release: KASPERSKY researchers have found a new sample of stalkerware — commercial software that is usually used to secretly monitor users’ partners or colleagues — which has functionality that supersedes all previously found software. Named MonitorMinor, this software enables stalkers to covertly access any data and track activity on devices they are surveying, as […]

UST Joins Huawei ICT Academy

By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: Science, Digital & Current Affairs (SDN) — HUAWEI Technology and University of Santo Tomas (UST) are now partners. This came after the Philippines’ oldest university, which dates back to the Spanish conquistador’s colonizing of Luzon and the Visayas, and the Chinese technology giant agreed to further […]