July 24, 2019

Category: Cybersecurity

IBM Study Shows Data Breach Costs Rising with Years of Impact

Media Release: TODAY (July 23) IBM Security and Ponemon Institute released their annual study which examines the financial consequence of a data breach, based on an in-depth analysis of hundreds of real-world data breaches. Some highlights. Longtail financial impact: For the first time this year, the report examined the longtail costs of data breaches and […]

‘Insurtech’ Poised to Disrupt Insurance Industry; What Lies Ahead?

Media Release:  By BRAD SMITH, Technology Expert at TurnOnVPN THE insurance industry is one of the oldest in the financial world. It has largely remained unchanged for decades largely because it has always been impenetrable to less resourceful newcomers. For a long time, capital and trust seem to be the only pillars that mattered. Interestingly, in […]

Huawei Registers ‘Harmony’ Trademark as Operating System in Europe

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819 CHINESE tech giant Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has filed another trademark in the operating system (OS) category in the European Union (EU). The OS is called “Harmony” even as the company, which is fighting off the United States’ trade blacklist, had already filed multiple trademarks in the OS […]

Kaspersky Backs National Ice Hockey, Tennis Teams for 30th SEA Games

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819 WHAT do sportsmen and cybersecurity experts have in common? They both go after their goals; sportsmen and cybersecurity experts also possess tenacity, among other commonalities. So, it is not surprising that one of the world’s leading cybersecurity vendors, Kaspersky, have been supporting international sports and sportsmen, as well […]

Palo Alto Networks Leads Secure Enterprise Journey to Cloud via Prisma

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819 (SDN) — MIGRATING to the cloud could be a risky proposition, fraught with uncertainties as cyber bad guys are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit. On the other hand, the world today demands digital transformation (DX), or businesses risk being left behind to eat digital dust. […]

Synopsys Says ​£183-M GDPR Fine on British Airways ‘A Cautionary Tale’

(SDN) — ​THERE is a lesson that can be learned from the situation the British Airways (BA) is in right now. The situation being referred to is the hefty fine/penalty the BA is facing, to the tune of ​£183 million being imposed by the United Kingdom’s (UK) Information Commissioner Office (ICO). It is an implementation of […]

Kaspersky Warns of Smart Home Controllers’ Critical Vulnerabilities

Media Release: KASPERSKY researchers investigating the control device for an active smart home ecosystem have identified several critical vulnerabilities. These include bugs in the cloud infrastructure and potential remote code execution that would allow a third party to get ‘super user’ access to the controller and manipulate the smart home infrastructure any way they chose. […]

Kaspersky Warns of Risks Using Office Wi-Fi

Media Release: ALMOST every office has a Wi-Fi network today, and sometimes more than one. Who wants to connect laptops with a cable? And forget about smartphones and tablets! However, a wireless network can be a weak point in your IT infrastructure. Password mining Not all companies use complex and unique passwords for their wireless […]

What Every Security Leaders Need to Know about Bug Bounties: When and How

Media Release: By Miju Han, Director of Product Management at HackerOne BUG bounties take advantage of the large hacker community to find vulnerabilities you don’t have the resources to find yourself. Hackers submit bugs they find and are rewarded by you based on the severity and impact of the bug. Bug bounties bring many benefits. […]

​Platinum Is Back; Now Using Steganography Hacking Technique to Avoid Detection

Media Release: KASPERSKY researchers have uncovered a highly sophisticated cyberespionage campaign aimed at stealing information from South Asian diplomatic, government and military entities. The campaign lasted almost six years and had ties to other recent attacks detected in the region. Further investigation into the tools and methods used in the campaign led researchers to the […]