Fuji Xerox Philippines unveils 14 new hi-tech digital printers; some in photos here

FUJI Xerox Philippines, Inc. has brought to the country 14 new models of digital color multi-function printers.

The Japanese multinational technology company had already introduced the two printer series, dubbed ApeosPort-VII C and DocuCentre-VII C, in the other 14 countries comprising the Asia Pacific region, said Hideaki Kato, president and chief executive of Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.

Along with other executives of the company in the Philippines, the Japanese national launched the printers on January 9 at The Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati City, Metro Manila.

Some of them are Oscar Dolendo, head of Marketing Department; Philip Paylangco, manager, Software Product; Maja N. Jocson, manager, Marketing Communications; Chrystel Miver Zapata, Digital Sales/Marketing manager, Business Planning Group; and Liza I.  Crisanto, section head, Product Marketing Group.

The 14 models are ApeosPort-VII C2273, ApeosPort-VII C3372, ApeosPort-VII C3373, ApeosPort-VII C4473, ApeosPort-VII C5573, ApeosPort-VII C6673, and ApeosPort-VII C7773; DocuCentre-VII C2273, DocuCentre-VII C3373, DocuCentre-VII C4473, DocuCentre-VII C5573, DocuCentre-VII C6673, and DocuCentre-VII C7773.

For business enterprises, or any private and public organizations or agencies, the machines cost from about Php300,000 to Php1 million, thereabouts.

Here are some of the images of the printing machines supplied by Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.:

The new printers were designed, developed, and built based on the Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway concept.

“Smart Work Gateway devices are the center of an ecosystem designed for productivity improvement. With mobility, cloud, connectivity, complete with security and intuitive user experiences, Smart Work Gateway delivers valuable services out of the box,” the company said. (EKU)




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