Simplifying Life Insurance through Allianz Digital Studio

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IN its aim of creating a positive impact on people’s lives, Allianz PNB Life Insurance is pioneering the next-generation of innovation and solutions in protection, savings and investment, and health through its newly established Digital Studio.

“Allianz has always believed in embracing new ideas and technologies, and the Digital Studio is a step toward creating bigger digital innovation. Creating a workspace, which actively fosters collaboration by taking people out of their day-to-day business environment will help us to break down barriers and develop more innovative solutions for our customers,” Allianz PNB Life’s President and CEO Alexander Grenz said.

He added that, “More young people are plugged-in and online. They expect to get what they want when they want it. The Allianz Digital Studio ensures that the company delivers.”

Allianz Digital Studio serves as the home of the company’s Digital Transformation Team, whose main function is to make Allianz’ services to both its internal and external customers simpler, easily accessible and efficient.

“It’s an enabler for our agile ways of working, for us to deliver positive and meaningful transformation in our journey towards a digital way of life,” Allianz PNB Life’s Digital Transformation Team head Erk Musa elaborated.

With its open layout, this customer-centric digital facility encourages open communication among its teams, which are known as squads and tribes. Musa said that this environment allows everyone to deliver the products and services of their customers in a “positive and meaningful way.”

Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

“We already know a great deal about the what’s, why’s, and wants of our customers. Allianz Digital Studio is here to help with the how. This is where exchanging ideas, sharing of best practices, solving common problems, and delivering on our digital performance promise through simple, instant and personal service, will all happen,” Grenz added.

Allianz Digital Studio

Allianz Digital Studio at the launch. (Photo: Eggshell PR Agency/Charmaine Pahate)

Currently, the Digital Transformation team in Allianz Digital Studio is divided into three tribes, such as Customer Onboarding;  Servicing; and Loyalty & Special Projects.

  — The Customer Onboarding Tribe creates innovative solutions for sales and distribution activities, to help boost efficiency and productivity.

       — The Servicing Tribe creates platforms that will serve as secure and convenient connection points between Allianz and external customers’ needs.

       — Lastly, the Loyalty & Special Projects Tribe works on projects for Allianz’s third-party partnerships, employee engagement platforms, and tools to monitorc ustomer experience. Allianz Digital Team uses design-thinking and agile framework to simplify life insurance for its customers.

Smart Solutions for a Hassle-Free Customer Experience

One of the company’s major initiatives under Servicing was the launch of “Go Digital”, which aims to facilitate paperless, efficient, and secure insurance updates for customers. Allianz’s customers can easily shift to digital notices by simply updating their contact information on the Go Digital platform available on Allianz website.

Another digital initiative in the works is the client portal, which is equipped with a self-service system and payment facility that will allow customers to perform policy and payment transactions online, making the experience truly customer centric.

“Historically, insurance solutions centered on products — not people. But that’s exactly what we are here to change. And that’s what we mean by building engaging customer experiences,” Grenz concluded. (Eggshell PR Agency)

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