AP Cargo Taps Ramco to Ramp Up Digital Transformation

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(SDN) — AP Cargo Logistics Network Corp. is ramping up its partnership with Ramco Systems.

AP Cargo is a leading Philippine domestic provider of express logistics; Ramco is India’s cloud-born logistics software company.

The two organizations announced on Monday, September 23, their renewed partnership, as the Filipino company seeks a reinforced digital transformation leveraging the Indian firm’s logistics software.

It can be recalled the two organizations first struck a deal around this time in 2018 when AP Cargo tapped Ramco to modernize its human resources operations and brought technology to the Philippine logistics firm. In digital terms, adopting digital transformation.

Dr. Virgilio R. Villacorte, president and CEO of AP Cargo, said then that his company was still in the Stone Age, and that they needed to leverage modern technologies.


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A year later, the company has emerged from the Stone Age, and now its operations are much more attune to the digital technology-driven era characterized, among others, by the ease of doing things, the integration of all facets of operation when every operation was segmented in the past, as related in an interview with SDN — Science and Digital News at Marriott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom on September 23 during the launch of its reinforced partnership with Ramco.

The new deal puts AP Cargo in a position — as it seeks — to enhance its tracking, planning and management of its air freight operations across the world for its over 80 branches using what it described as “a powerful cloud-based Logistics ERP suite enabled by Ramco Systems.”

It involves the implementation at AP Cargo of Ramco’s Logistics Software covering modules for Transport Management System, Fleet Maintenance System, Supply Chain Management, Finance Management as well as Human Capital Management.

With the implementation of the partnership, Villacorte put it briefly as using a smartphone among its clients to be able to track and monitor their progress of their cargo shipment real-time.

AP Cargo
PARTNERS. Executives of AP Cargo Logistics Network Corp. and Ramco Systems join their hands to symbolize their renewed partnership that started in 2018. With the renewed bond, AP Cargo is reinforcing its digital transformation using Ramco’s Logistics Software. Last year, for Human Resource software. (Photo: SDN — Science and Digital News)

Villacorte noted the timeliness of its go-live arrangement with the Indian firm, especially with the upward trajectory of the Philippines logistics sector.

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“Given that the Philippines’ logistics sector is on a growth trajectory, there was an urgent need for us to adopt IT solutions to accelerate operational competence and infrastructure. Ramco has future-proofed our tech backbone and has also gone the extra mile by rigorously testing the application, to ensure seamless adoption, no matter what the circumstance,” said the AP president/CEO.

Striving to the top of the peak

AP Cargo’s Deputy CEO and Project Manager Randi G. Lorica, cited the impact of the arrangement with Ramco.

“Apart from providing us with a one-stop logistics solution, Ramco Logistics Software has also effectively blended with our in-house systems for hub operations. It has transformed AP Cargo into a technology enable organization, making us a preferred express logistics company in the Philippines,” he said.

Ramco’s multi-functional logistics ERP software was built for third-party logistics providers, freight forwarders and courier service providers has been empowering more than 1,200 users at AP Cargo track, plan, and manage more than 550 vehicles and other valuable assets over their smartphones.

The Command Center of Ramco offers AP Cargo’s senior management true end-to-end connectivity, visibility and control of the entire operations globally, with the resulting simplification of operations.

Also, the Ramco solution’s enhanced mobility features and its Unify Mobile App offers AP Cargo and its customers detailed and real-time asset tracking — meaning the location of cargo 24/7), stock status and visibility, thus, eliminating potential revenue leakage.

P.R. Venketrama, chairman of Ramco Group, described the new arrangement with AP Cargo as a “milestone.”

“Ramco entered the Philippine market in 2016 and since then has seen astounding growth with many new project wins. Our Logistics ERP suite has helped many leading logistics companies in the Philippines by providing them with a competitive advantage in the now-continuously growing and competitive logistics sector.

“Our partnership and go-live with AP Cargo has marked another milestone for us as we strive to strategically position ourselves as one of the leading ERP players in the country,” Rama said. (SDN)

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