The Inspire-Raya SHS for Athletics, What You Should Know

By Prof. Carlos Primo David, University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD)

THE Inspire Sports Academy has built a world-class facility in our backyard — now it’s time to teach and train our next generation world-class athletes.

And inspire partners with the progressive school Raya School Manila to offer a specialized Department of Education (DepEd)-approved Senior High School (SHS) Program for talented student athletes.

The Inspire-Raya Senior High School for Athletics Program will have a customized program that seamlessly blends academics and skills training, at the same time providing the necessary support such as strength and conditioning, sports psychology, rehabilitation and nutrition.

Its special curriculum also prepares the students for allied careers and work opportunities beyond their competitive athletic life. As such, basic academics and life skills are not to be compromised by athletic training.

We believe that this formula will best prepare the students for a successful collegiate athletic career, national and international competition and life beyond competitive sports.

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The Raya School. (Raya website)

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What sports will be the focus of the school?

Team sports primarily basketball, volleyball and football. However, the Inspire facilities and pool of coaches can also help athletes in individual sports such as golf (the Ayala Greenfields Golf Course is just 5 minutes away), weightlifting, martial arts, and track and field. In partnership with sports associations, the school may very well open its doors to other sports. Finally, in 2020 Inspire shall open its Olympic-size indoor swimming pool and tennis courts which will pave the way to opening the school to student athletes in these sports.

Q. How can academics be balanced with full-time athletic training?

Academic classes will be done in between their morning and late afternoon training with much consideration to having enough rest in between. Raya School Manila has also developed the curriculum in such a way that individually-paced lessons are possible through online materials and one-on-one tutorial sessions at night. Saturdays are also available for academic work.

Q. How many students can the school accommodate and where is the school located?
Two sections of Grade 11 with 25 students each. The same size will be opened for Grade 12 in the succeeding year for a total student population of 100. Aptitude and skills screening will be the basis for accepting students. Inspire-Raya will be housed in the four-story facility of the Inspire Sports Academy which is inside the NU Laguna Campus in Calamba, Laguna.

Q. Before the opening of classes in June 2020, are there programs for kids in Inspire-Raya?

Yes. Leading up to the opening of the regular school year in 2020, there will be short training programs for specific sports.

Q. What other facilities does the school have?

For academics, the school has access to a library, science laboratories and computer labs at the adjacent Henry Sy Hall of NU Laguna. For athletics, the students will have the privilege of accessing the in-house Michael Johnson Performance Institute, the Asian Hospital Sports Rehabilitation Center and Nutrition Counselling. The students also have the option of staying in the Inspire Dormitory which is inside the Campus.

Q. Who are the prime movers of Inspire-Raya?

The Inspire Sports Academy is under the guidance of the Henry Sy Foundation with its
operations led by Dr. Renato Carlos Ermita, Jr., president and CEO of National University (NU) and Mr. Vince Santos, head coach of the Far Eastern University (FEU) Men’s Football Team. Its academics team is led by Dr. Carlos Primo David and Dr. Ani Almario, Stanford-trained educators and proponents of the Raya School (

Q. What is the annual tuition fee?

Inspire-Raya is working hard to raise funds from corporate sponsors and program partners so that majority of its students will be under full or partial scholarship. We enjoin corporations to partner with us in the endeavor to hone the country’s premier athletes of the future!


About the Vision of Raya:

The Raya student is fully aware of his roots and strengths as a person and as a Filipino.

The Raya student is a constructive citizen.

The Raya student is a balanced individual.

The Raya student is humane, productive, democratic, moral and creative.

The Raya student has integrity.

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