JHU: Covid-19 Cases over One Million Worldwide


(SDN) — CONFIRMED cases of Covid-19 infections have now breached the million milestone at 1,013,157.

The American Johns Hopkins University (JHU) reported the whopping and still rising figures on its Covid-19 Dashboard, which tracks global incidence of the coronavirus in real-time.

This is as of April 3, 2020, 8:43 a.m., Manila time.

Atop the list is the United States at 243,453 cases; second, Italy — 115,242; third, Spain, 112,065.

Fatalities figure is now at 52,983, it is topped by Italy — 13,915; second, Spain — 10,348.

Patients who recovered have reached 210,263. China has the most number at 76,564; Spain — 26,743.

The total number of countries or regions with the infections is at 181; Antarctica is the only continent with no Covid-19 cases.

A warning has already been issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) through Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that “millions could die” of the coronavirus affliction if countries do not mount “aggressive action.”

He issued the warning during the recent virtual G20 Extraordinary Summit on March 26.

To be updated.

Featured image of the cases credit and thanks to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

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