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Updated, to reflect the latest number of registrants, from over 30,000 to more than 46,000 people as of April 16. Some editing, too.


(SDN) —, in tech speak, has gone viral!

Over 46,000 have already registered — and counting — as the platform’s presence online is becoming more known.

SDN — Science and Digital News learned about this from MultiSys Technologies Corporation. MultiSys headed by CEO/Founder David L. Almirol, Jr. designed, developed, and created the app.

Almirol dubbed the platform a “Digital Bayanihan” to harness the community spirit of Filipinos, a throwback to old days in the countryside when people (hopefully, till now) — friends and neighbors — performed a concerted effort to help someone in need.

“The main objective of is to promote a ‘Digital Bayanihan’ — making everyone involve to fight our common enemy, the Covid-19,” he says.

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It can be recalled that “Bayanihan” in the barrios (small villages) usually came in the form of moving a house to another location, or plowing the farms, or harvesting crops, among others.

Food is always served after the job is done to thank those who helped out — not a centavo is paid, being a voluntary service in its purest form., then, is a Filipino’s virtual house or farm, a hub where the citizens have the opportunity to roll their sleeves, and embody their “Bayanihan” spirit that has always been in their heart. In doing so they pitch in and help the government fight the pandemic CoronaVirus Disease (Covid-19). The viral affliction said to come from Wuhan City in China’s Hubei Province continues to sweep the world.

Apparently seeing the platform’s vital role in the country’s battle against Covid-19, Mayor Francis Zamora of San Juan City, Metro Manila, urged his constituents recently to register with the website.

As of April 14, 1:44 p.m. (Manila time), the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Dashboard for Covid-19, a real-time tracker of global infections, shows that around the world the number of confirmed cases has now ballooned to near two million at 1,920,918, the number of those who succumbed to the still-incurable contagion is at 119,686, and patients recovered at 453,298.

The United States still leads the world in cases at 582,468, from total tested numbering 2,964,726. Hospitalized Covid-19 American patients reached 95,505.

From the April 12 tally of the Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH), confirmed cases stood at 4,648, recoveries at 197, and those who passed away at 297.

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MultiSys Technologies Corp.’s ‘Digital Bayanihan’.

With going viral, it could only mean Filipinos are embracing and living their community spirit, a good sign in these critical times, not to say trying times for every citizen caught up in the web of government quarantine and lockdown as the battle continues.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte extended the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to April 30. It was supposed to end on April 12.

Registering at is easy. Only age and gender are required, picture is optional. Almirol said they followed the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

All one has to do for a user of the app is open the website and follow the instructions. It’s easy as ABC.

As users register online they will be asked if they are feeling any of the Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, muscle pain, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, and diarrhea. They can also input their family members’ information.

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After providing the needed information, the platform will right away generate a result that indicates whether a user has mild, moderate, or severe Covid-19 depending on the number of symptoms he or she is experiencing.

The data will then go to a “heat map” in the platform’s administration dashboard which will then show the areas and the number of people exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.

MultiSys developers designed the online platform to help medical front-liners, local government units, private companies as well as the national government monitor the health condition of residents and conduct more efficient contact tracing.

Winning battle against the pandemic, as Almirol pointed out, requires the Bayanihan spirit.

“I believe that we Filipinos can win this war quickly, if we can bring back the Filipino discipline and the Filipino Bayanihan spirit. Following seriously the instruction of our government and by Staying Home, Staying Healthy and STAYING SAFE (emphasis his),” Almirol, sounding forward-looking.” will continue to be managed by MultiSys even as the Filipino leading software solutions provider company already officially turned it over as a donation to the government through the National Task Force (NTF) on Covid-19. (SDN)

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