Qatar Joins Arab Ministerial Meeting About Libya

Media Release:

DOHA —  THE State of Qatar participated in an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League’s Council at the ministerial level to discuss developments in Libya and the file of the Renaissance Dam.

His Excellency Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi represented during the meeting, which was held on June 23 via a video conferencing mode.

In a speech to the meeting, Al-Muraikhi said that the State of Qatar stresses the need to respect the sovereignty of States and non-interference in their internal affairs, and the need to avoid standing with one party against another for personal goals and interests and to seek serious collective work to make the political process in Libya successful, in a way that leads to a comprehensive settlement to enable Libya to achieve the desired stability and ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity and the security and safety of its citizens.

He commended the internationally-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) for its efforts to uncover the perpetrators of the torture incident against a number of Egyptian citizens in the city of Tarhuna as well as its efforts to secure their safe return to their homeland and take legal measures to punish the perpetrators of this crime.

He added: “The unity, stability and sovereignty of Libya along with the integrity of its lands and independence as well as stopping the bloodshed and preserving its capabilities and wealth are a goal we all aspire to and we strive to achieve it.”

In this context, His Excellency renewed Qatar’s support to the Government of National Accord in Libya, and its call on all Libyans to implement the Skhirat Agreement and its outputs along with return to negotiations and national dialogue and the completion of the transitional phase in order to preserve Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people.

The minister said that the State of Qatar affirms its support for all efforts aimed at ending the conflict in Libya and moving forward towards building a state of institutions and protecting and promoting human rights. It stressed its steadfast position to reject all forms of external interference in the Libyan internal affairs in all its kinds and sources.

He said further: “We are all sure that the continuation of the conflict in Libya is being paid for by the brotherly Libyan people and is draining the resources of their country, instead of using them to rebuild and achieve sustainable development.”

In this regard, His Excellency stressed the State of Qatar’s call on all parties to assume their legal and moral responsibility and respect and implement international laws and agreements to ensure the protection of civilians and civilian facilities, in addition to holding accountable all those responsible for crimes and human rights violations, especially systematic and extrajudicial killings proven by mass graves recently discovered in areas controlled by rogue militias.(Source: Embassy of Qatar in Manila)

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