Prestone Philippines Provides Laptops for 9 ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ Program Scholars

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(SDN) — DISRUPTION of life has been the rule in the time of the global pandemic.

It’s a safe bet that people’s lives will never be the same; what comes out now in the mouths of everyone is life in the “new normal.” Meaning, the “normal” routines will never be normal again.

Wearing of face mask, washing of hands, and social distancing are the new rules, part of what would be the “new normal” for a long time to prevent the transmission and spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Work, travel, and education are just three of the disrupted part of life for everyone. For education distancing learning via online is becoming a mainstay, the new normal.

But education via the internet raises the need for devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Students from poor families are particularly disadvantaged. Where would they get the funds to buy a laptop, tablet, or smartphone?

Luckily, there are entities, among them companies, with a heart for the poor.

Say, Prestone Philippines, said to be “the leading innovator of cutting-edge coolants and brake fluids,” which provided laptops to the nine recipients of the “Anak Ng Mekaniko” Scholarship Program.

The company responded to the call of the moment with the program, knowing how education will be conducted as the pandemic continues to disrupt every aspect of life, not the least learning.

Education officials have announced the implementation of a distance learning approach as the new normal. Regular face-to-face classes are suspended indefinitely for this school year to ensure the safety of the students as the country struggles with the health crisis.

Prestone Philippines provides laptops for 9 scholarsSource: Prestone Philippines

Prestone Philippines Brand Manager Monique Gonzales cited the company’s fidelity to its vow the nine scholars.

“Three years ago, we made a promise to these nine scholars that Prestone will always be here to help them reach their dreams through education.

“And in these uncertain times, we understand that safety must come above all else. As they start their academic year through distance learning, we hope that these laptops will be an instrument that can help them in their studies,” says Gonzales.

Prestone teams up with J&T Express for delivery

The laptops come as additional benefits of the program together with tuition for the four-year course and a monthly allowance.

Prestone partnered with J&T Express, a leading e-commerce delivery service provider in Southeast Asia, which delivered the laptops recently to the nine scholars. Presently, they are third-year students at the STI Colleges in their respective towns and provinces.

“As a delivery service provider, J&T Express believes in the power of ‘Bayanihan.’ May this simple act of helping Prestone deliver these important learning tools inspire the nine ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ scholars as they journey towards their academic success despite the current challenges posed by the pandemic,” J&T Express Philippines Vice President Zoe Chi says.

The nine “Anak ng Mekaniko” scholars are Edmajea Aguinaldo from Makati City, Anna Dela Cruz and Harvey Plazo from Camarines Sur, Christian Diamante from Misamis Oriental, Aulinda Buban and Keith Perez from Antipolo City, Joselito Peñada from Leyte, Melver Masangkay from Batangas, and Jaime Abesamis from Davao City.

Prestone initiated the program in 2017, as a way of giving back to the unsung heroes, the local auto mechanics, nationwide. The search received hundreds of applicants but only nine scholars were chosen for their inspiring stories.

It can be recalled the Covid-19 pandemic originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019. The coronavirus soon swept the world, 188 countries and regions according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in the United States. (✓)


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