Team Incognito Wins 2020 ASEAN Data Science Explorers Competition

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         MANILA (SDN), September 28 — TEAM INCOGNITO won today the ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADSE) 2020 National Finals. To do this, the victorious group bested more than 800 student participants.
         The ASEAN Foundation and SAP SE (NYSE) announced the three winning teams, with  Team Incognito from Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) taking the crown, thereby earning it the right to represent the Philippines in the ADSE Regional Finals in November 2020.
         University of the Philippines (UP) Visayas (Team Gugma) and Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) — Team Board Men — took the first and second runner-up honors, respectively. The virtual competition took place Monday.
         Apparently, the holding of the event showed that amidst the viral pandemic still gripping the Philippines and the world, the ASEAN DSE has not dampened its commitment to uphold the competition’s spirit.
         “Despite the global pandemic, ASEAN DSE continues to solicit interest from the youth community and remains in its endeavor to skill and equip youths with essential digital age skills. A total of 852 youths across the region competed to represent their country in the National Finals, with 4,563 students and lecturers trained in SAP Analytics Cloud in 2020,” said the organizers.

         They added the three winners were judged based on their ability to design a best all-rounded concept that tackles ASEAN socio-economic issues, driven by data insights. The judging criteria look at the creativity, feasibility, innovation, and the team’s ability to demonstrate the solution’s implementation. 

ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asia Nations comprised of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Winners of and organizers of ASEAN DSE 2020
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Following are more information about the three winners:

First winner —  Team Incognito, comprising Jairus Cairo Libunao and Alleah Eunice Tuliao. Their project focused on Waste Management.

First runner-up — Team Gugma with members Kyle Anne Villariza and Genesis Daquinan. They designed their project to tackle the over-exploitation issue of ASEAN fisheries.

Second runner-up — Team Board Men is made up of Gabriel Carlo Gamulo and John Michel Lee. They worked on their project on Neural Community.

ASEAN DSE 2020 participants and organizers.
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National Youth Commission (NYC) Commissioner-at-Large Paul Anthony Pangilinan of the Office of the President, cited the importance of involving the youth in nation building.

“Now more than ever, we need the youth’s creativity and innovativeness in finding solutions and ways to solve emerging problems that our region and the world are facing. Their participation is paramount especially in our recovery from this pandemic and in pushing forward our collective vision of a more resilient and sustainable future for all,” he pointed out.

SAP Philippines Managing Director Edler Panlilio shared the same message.

“Together with the ASEAN Foundation, we at SAP strongly encourage the youths to use their newly learned skills from SAP Analytics Cloud to create sustainable innovations for current social and economic issues. Also, youths should utilize these skills for their self-development,” he said.

“Digital skills are more relevant now in the middle of our current pandemic situation and as we look towards recovery. We are pleased to see that youths in ASEAN can make a difference in that goal and improve people’s lives.”

ADSE focuses on youth to arm them with digital skills

ASEAN Foundation Executive Director Dr. Yang Mee Eng noted the goal of the competition.

“ASEAN DSE is the embodiment of our commitment with SAP to empower youth in the region with future-ready skills that will allow them to thrive and become globally competitive during this difficult period and in the years to come,” she said.

“We are very happy to see so many innovative data-driven proposals presented by all National Finalists today. It is a testament to what our youths can do when exposed to and equipped with relevant digital skills and provided with an immersive platform to showcase their talents. We believe that our ASEAN youths can create impactful solutions for the community to prosper if given the opportunity.”

Here’s what the top winner said:

“Our journey in this competition was beyond our expectation! Until now, the thought of being the national winner hasn’t sunk in yet. Going into the national finals was really nerve-wracking and, at the same time, exciting! We remember the challenges we had to face in joining this competition. We didn’t know what data science really was. Luckily, our college conducted training on how to do data analysis.

“That started it all! From there, we came up with a storyboard on waste management because we noticed that there’s a loophole in our current waste management system. We thought that if we don’t do any actions about this now, it will continue to cause fatal consequences to us and the environment,” said Team Incognito.

The organizers streamed live on Facebook the National Finals, getting more than 2,300 viewers.

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ADSE is a regional program by the ASEAN Foundation and SAP. It aims to catalyze activism and critical thinking among university students in ASEAN. Since its inception in 2017, ADSE has empowered over 16,259 students, 1,420 lecturers from 370 higher education institutes in the region with data analytics skills.

The program engages youth to develop data-driven solutions that highlight six Sustainable Development Goals, namely: (1) good health and well-being, (2) quality education, (3) gender equality, (4) decent work and economic growth, (5) industry, innovation & infrastructure, and (6) sustainable cities and communities by harnessing SAP’s Analytics Cloud software.

ASEAN Foundation and SAP share the common objective of  continuing the implementation of ASEAN DSE 2020 as a way of equipping youths with future-ready skills that will enable them to thrive in the “New Normal” era and supporting the theme of Vietnam’s ASEAN chairmanship, which is building a “Cohesive and Responsive ASEAN.” (✓)

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