Sitel CPO Haidee Enriquez Shares Vast BPO Career Opportunities

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THE business process outsourcing (BPO) sector continues as a huge reservoir of employment in the Philippines as Sitel has noted.

Sitel PHANZ Chief People Officer (CPO) Haidee Cabanag Enriquez and Sitel Associate Omar Tolentino have joined the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) online career roadshow to highlight the job opportunities available in the contact center industry.

The roadshow, held by DICT through its ICT Industry Development Bureau and in partnership with the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), is part of an ongoing Webinar Series on various ICT-related topics scheduled to air until December 2020.

Titled “Career Opportunities in the Contact Center Sector,” the recently conducted virtual event was held in partnership with the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP). It was aimed to showcase the wide variety of career opportunities available in the dynamic and constantly evolving BPO sector.

“These job opportunities are available to everyone. There is no discrimination in contact center hiring. It’s all about competencies and honing these competencies over time.”

— Sitel PHANZ CPO Haidee C. Enriquez

Enriquez cited the inclusiveness being practiced in the industry, long been a huge money earner for the Philippines.

“Despite the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, the BPO industry continues to provide opportunities and hope to Filipino workers,” shared Enriquez.

“These job opportunities are available to everyone. There is no discrimination in contact center hiring. It’s all about competencies and honing these competencies over time. If you exhibit passion in your work and a dedication to continuously learn and improve, you’ll have endless chances for growth within the company.”

BPO executives aside from Sitel's.

BPO EXECS. Top, from left: Jomari Mercardo, consultant – Sales Marketing and Customer Relations, and executive coach; Jojo Uligan, president, Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP); Bottom, from left: Haidee Enriquez, chief people officer, Sitel Philippines-ANZ, Omar Tolentino, CXpert/associate, Sitel Philippines. (Photo: Sitel)

Enriquez expounded on the Sitel associate journey highlighting the main skills integral to landing the job including technical proficiency, personal aptitudes like communication skills and critical thinking, and social skills such as adaptability and being customer-oriented.

She encouraged aspiring contact center professionals to apply even if they are worried about not passing the recruitment process as candidates who may not make it the first time can join BPO training programs.

At Sitel, the free skills development program Sitel Academy, offers training for near-hires, far-hires, students, and differently abled individuals. The program is available online and in partnership with various academic institutions.

Inspiring stories in BPO industry

Tolentino shared his career journey.

“Working at Sitel has helped me grow as a person,” said Tolentino. “I began working with Sitel in 2015 and in my time with the company I have been given ample opportunities to expand my skills, learn new things and even help the communities where we operate. My hard work and commitment even got me recognized as a CXpert and gave me opportunities to collaborate with our company’s managers and vice presidents.”

Tolentino’s story is one of many inspiring success stories in the Philippines and the industry is still seeking new contact center professionals.

Despite these challenging times, BPOs have remained resilient as they quickly pivoted to respond to the pandemic and help drive the country’s economic recovery.

The BPO industry is a major driver of income and employment in the Philippines, making the country an attractive base for many BPO companies, mostly American. Sitel is one of these companies that have given over a million Filipinos their employment. (✓)

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