20 million ATP: The LatticeX Foundation Announced a New Ecological Development Program to Support Ecological Projects

A 20 million ATP new ecological development program

SINGAPORE, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the support of more than 230 validator partners, Alaya, a meta network of PlatON, has been running stably for more than 1 month without any failure or error since its official release on October 24. The security, stability and robustness of PlatON’s underlying technical infrastructure are fully demonstrated.

As the infrastructure of privacy computing networks and distributed economies, the growth of PlatON is not only supported by the robust and stable underlying technology, but also inseparable from the development and prosperity of ecosystem. To encourage community users to actively participate in Alaya’s community construction and ecological environment, and further promote Alaya toward community autonomy, the LatticeX Foundation, as the main supporter and promoter of PlatON, officially announced the new Ecological Development Grants program to the world today.

The Grants program, with a total amount of 20 million ATP, will give priority to projects aligning to LatticeX’s philosophy and focus on DApps and their development support, user tools, interoperability, privacy related areas. Developers of each project can apply for a total of no more than 1 million ATP funding. In addition, developers can apply for additional ATP based on their actual business characteristics and application scenarios to subsidize users’ transaction fees and motivate users to participate.

Clear and progressive development goals

The LatticeX Foundation said: "the main goals of the new Ecological Development Grants program are to continuously consolidate the underlying basic capabilities, reduce the user access threshold and migration costs, and fundamentally enhance the development of the entire ecosystem."

At present, the LatticeX ecological construction process will be divided into the following three stages and implemented in steps under this general idea.

Stage 1: improving Alaya user tools to make Alaya easy to use. Improving the fundamental abilities of DApp development and facilitating DApp migration and innovation.

Stage 2: supporting cross-chain protocols, compatible with cross-chain protocols of other public chains and interoperable with other public chains.

Stage 3: implementing the application chain development framework, so that developers can easily create their own custom application chains, and achieve interoperability with Alaya and its ecological application chains.

Focus on supporting ecological application projects

In the Ecological Development Grants program, funding will be focused on the following categories and projects:



DApp development support

New language SDK, including Rust, Javascript, Java, Python, etc.

Smart contract public libraries

Application layer public libraries of various languages, including Rust, Javascript, Java, Python, etc.

Development and deployment tools, including standalone IDE or IDE plug-ins such as VSCode and Eclipse

DApp developing and migrating documents


Various DApps

User tools

Blockchain browsers, including standalone blockchain browsers, and new features on AlayaScan

DApp application portals

Wallets, including standalone wallets, browser plug-in wallets, etc.

Node management tools, including CLI and visual versions

Network monitoring, including monitoring of accounts, blocks, contracts, nodes, and deeper tracking


Asset cross-chain bridge, including the cross-chain of assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin

Cross-chain protocols, including cross-chain protocol interfacing with Cosmos and Polkadot

Application chain development framework



Privacy of data on the chain, including privacy transactions, etc.

Off-chain privacy computing based on MPC, especially Rosetta

Basic characteristics

New language client version, including Rust, Java, C++, Python, etc.

Multi-system support, including the operating systems that are not officially supported, e.g. MacOS, SUSE, Arch, Docker, etc.

BUG fixing and technical optimization

Provide seed node services or off-line snapshot services of block data


Alaya code audits

Formal verification, including formal verification of consensus protocols, economic models, and contract languages

Contract audits

Cryptography algorithms




Hardware implementation of algorithm

Education and community

Official document translations

Technical guide documents and videos

Technical Analysis Documents

Driving community growth, organizing activities, etc.

The LatticeX Foundation hopes to attract developers, scholars and enthusiasts from all over the world to join the LatticeX ecological construction through the launch of the Ecological Development Grants program. The purpose is to promote the healthy development of the ecology, build up a completely decentralized computing interoperability network, and facilitate the transactions of data use rights under the premise of protecting data sovereignty and privacy in order to achieve the ultimate vision of returning the data sovereignty to users, protecting data privacy and realizing data value exchange by building up complex computing.

For more details about the LatticeX Foundation and the Grants program, please follow the LatticeX official website and the "PlatON" official account.

The LatticeX Foundation Grants program website: https://latticex.foundation/grants

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