XCMG Introduces Advanced Mining Equipment and Autonomous Machinery to Brazil, Boosting Local Industrial Development

POUSO ALEGRE, Brazil, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leading construction machinery manufacturer XCMG (000425.SZ) showcased its mining equipment series – including a 90-ton mining excavator which was recently delivered to the country – and intelligent autonomous machines at a special promotion event in Pouso Alegre, in Minas Gerais state in Brazil.

XCMG 90-ton mining excavator XE900D Has Been Delivered at Pouso Agegre, Brazil to Boost Local Industrial Development.
XCMG 90-ton mining excavator XE900D Has Been Delivered at Pouso Agegre, Brazil to Boost Local Industrial Development.

The event marks a milestone for XCMG on their entry into the Brazilian mining equipment market, bringing ground-breaking achievements in digital mining, autonomous driving as well as remote control. The newly introduced technologies and products will boost the local Brazilian mining industry to enable improved safety management with lower operation costs.

During the event, XCMG delivered its first 90 ton hydraulic excavator and received booking order for four 75-ton excavators, eight 90-ton mining trucks, twenty remotely controlled 21-ton excavators and two 7-ton loaders.

A representative from the authority responsible for economic development in Minas Gerais – CODEMGE – noted that the state, with its major mining industry, will benefit from having such high-quality engineering equipment from a leading manufacturer such as XCMG to jumpstart its economic development.

"Mining equipment is an emerging pillar of XCMG and an important area for the company to achieve its strategic goals," said Wang Yansong, Vice President of XCMG and President of XCMG Brazil. "XCMG will seize opportunities in the Brazilian mining market to provide comprehensive, intelligent construction solutions for the industry that are safe, efficient and customer-centric."

Highlighted products unveiled at the event include:

XE900D, the hydraulic excavator with a total weight of 90 tons and a 535-horsepower engine. The machine is a first-choice product for mid-to-large scale opencast mining tasks, such as for operation in Brazilian metal mines for iron, copper and gold, thanks to its best-in-class power, digging force and advanced stability, durability and safety. It also brings higher efficiency while maintaining a low level of fuel consumption.

The ET120 walking excavator and the XE225BR intelligent hydraulic excavator  autonomously operated but controlled remotely. These two unmanned machines have significant advantages in terrain mobility and environment adaptability, and are a top choice for local construction partners working in complicated geographical conditions.

A representative from the Brazilian Mining Association noted that XCMG is an influential partner in Brazil and indeed South America. The association is looking forward to developing a closer relationship with XCMG that is mutually beneficial for the industrial community.

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