There’s A ‘House of Memories’ in Myanmar

Why do we travel?

It’s because we love it. Traveling releases us from some inner demons, even for just a short period of time, a day, a week.

Demons or not, traveling is just plain fun. Lots of it. It’s like winning something. It’s a pleasant feeling of release from whatever. Release from stress, for one.

Going to other places, other countries creates, or better, gives you, a sense of freedom, of joy, of anticipation, of excitement. Feelings that naturally come up when you venture out of your comfort zone.

There is, of course, a risk. But we just to be careful, take care of ourselves. Be mindful of the country you are in, respect their culture, take painstaking care to not hurt the people’s sensibilities. Respect is of high premium, especially when you are in a place you know little about.

Traveling is all that and more.

You can home loaded with memories. A ton of photographs you can share in your social media accounts.

We love it, that’s why we travel!

And it happens that one of my travels took me to Yangon, Myanmar, a Philippine neighbor and fellow member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN.

Here are some photographs that brought me home sweet memories of Myanmar.

Shout out to Kaspersky Philippines through Upspring Public Relations Agency for the trip for its Cybersecurity Weekend (CSW) in September 2019.

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