Talent loss still a threat despite Australia leading on engagement and pandemic workplace initiatives, new research shows

SYDNEY, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new study from employee experience software company Limeade (ASX: LME) shows that Australian workplaces are emerging from COVID-19 as world leaders in work strategies and connecting with their employees throughout the pandemic. But findings show that despite these efforts, employers must rapidly address their employee experience to prevent a talent exodus.

A new global research study from the Limeade research arm (Limeade Institute), canvassing more than 4,500 employees worldwide, has shown that Australian employees reported the highest levels of workplace engagement in the world (76%) but have also had the highest levels of burnout (45%) among leading economies, including the US, UK, France, and Germany.

The research further revealed that although 70% of Australian employees intend to stay at their current place of work for three or more years, Australia holds the highest percentage of employees who said, if given the option, they would leave their current job for one with a better employee experience (42.4%).

Henry Albrecht, founder and CEO of Limeade, said the disconnect between burnout levels and engagement, and diminishing loyalty, is a strong indicator that employees are managing their current working conditions but are working beyond a sustainable capacity to meet demands.

"Many Australians are feeling a growing disillusionment with their work. They have stepped up for their companies through the hard times, as we’ve seen reflected in the strong recent performance of various large cap organisations, but many are falling into a monotonous routine where despite working very hard, they aren’t that concerned or stressed about what they are doing.

"Now is the time for workplaces to take on the role of culture architect, listening to feedback and investing in an employee experience that supports employees in both the big and small moments at work. For large organizations, this can’t be done without technology that reaches every employee, listens to them and delivers the activities, resources and programs needed to thrive at work. Ultimately, employees want to know their company cares," he said.

Despite the growing challenge of employee disillusion, Australia is in a strong position. Currently, almost 72% of Australian employees said the employee experience in their organisation is a positive one, and over half felt supported by managers and leaders in improving well-being. Almost 70% of Australian employees said that their organisation had asked for feedback regarding return-to-work policies or procedures, far more than in other countries, with the next highest country being the United Kingdom at less than 40 per cent.

"Australian businesses are emerging as some of the best communicators with their staff. Many organisations are taking on employee feedback, but we’ve found that less than 40% of employees think that their organisation administers and takes action on the results," said Mr Albrecht.

"Given Australia’s effective response to managing the pandemic, Australian employers are uniquely positioned to address this head-on. Supporting staff reintegrating into a physical environment with new employee experience initiatives and tools designed specifically to help cultivate your desired workplace experience is key. Leaders and managers must be trained to support this approach, and individuals should be empowered to take ownership of their personal well-being along the way," he said.

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