AWE 2021: Dreame Launches New Products Leading with Cordless Vacuum V16 and Dreame Bot L10 Pro

SHANGHAI, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology, a growing innovative company specializing in smart home cleaning appliances, has introduced the V16 Cordless Vacuum equipped with an innovative, top-of-the-range 160K RPM motor, Dreame Bot L10 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner with precise lidar navigation system and more at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2021 (AWE 2021) held from March 23-25 in Shanghai.

Independently developed by Dreame, the innovative and efficient SPACE 6.0 high-speed brushless motor equipped on the V16 cordless vacuum can reach 160K RPM with 200AW suction power to deliver super strong cleaning performance. The vacuum and mop all-in-one design can realize deep cleaning while saving both time and labor. The back-projected illuminated floor brush also ensures total cleanliness without any neglected corners.

Equipped with a precise lidar navigation system supported by Dual Laser and LDS technologies, Dreame Bot L10 Pro can detect and avoid obstacles while constantly rebuilding the 3D environment in real time. Its advanced mapping system allows for dynamic route planning and can be managed with an app or Alexa. At 4000Pa ultra-strong suction, Dreame Bot L10 Pro can easily remove dirt and large debris. The product is expected to hit the shelves on Amazon and AliExpress in early May.

AWE 2021: Dreame Launches New Products Leading with Cordless Vacuum V16 and Dreame Bot L10 Pro
AWE 2021: Dreame Launches New Products Leading with Cordless Vacuum V16 and Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Winner of the AWE 2021 Award, Dreame’s exhibition featured a wide range of interactive activities to introduce the new products and technologies to audiences and attracted leading media Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes China to interview Dreame’s CEO for a possible more in-depth report in the coming weeks.

"Innovation will be a key word for us in the next five-year period. We will expend more energy and time learning customer insights, which will also help us with our innovation and understanding of consumers’ needs," said Hao Yu, CEO of Dreame Technology, at a Bloomberg Businessweek interview.

Dreame’s grand launch also highlighted the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro featuring an auto-empty base to enable automatic dirt disposal, while the Dreame Bot W10 brings a hands-free cleaning experience by integrating robust vacuuming, efficient mopping and mop self-cleaning functions, both of which will be released shortly this year.

"We’re thrilled to engage with all visitors and media friends at AWE," said Roc Woo, Co-Founder of Dreame. "It’s a huge honor winning the AWE award this year. We will remain deeply committed to delivering the most powerful product to create an easier cleaning experience for our global users."

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