RFOX VALT – an Out of this World Immersive Commercial Experience

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vietnam-based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (‘RedFOX‘) launches its very own virtual space RedFOX Labs

Today, RedFOX Labs release previews of the virtual space which they are calling ‘RFOX VALT’.   

RFOX VALT is a virtual commercial interoperable sandbox, that RedFOX Lab’s many ventures plug in to.

A fully immersive virtual ecosystem that offers users a unique experience. This is coupled with the capacity to transition traditional commercial enterprises into a virtual ecosystem built upon unique NFTs that emulate real-world economies. Shopfronts, billboards, art, games, meeting places and many other offerings that are subject to the imagination of RFOX VALT pioneers. 

RedFOX Labs NFT shopfront Fly through 

The $RFOX token will be the universal currency for settlement within ‘RFOX VALT’. A settlement layer will be integrated giving users the ability to purchase $RFOX via traditional payment methods.

Merchants will initially receive $RFOX from sales but have the option to automate settlement back into their local fiat currencies. Furthermore, in the future users that purchase through the RFOX VALT may be rewarded with up to 8% cashback incentive. 

The RFOX VALT offers a range of commercial, recreational and employment opportunities in the future. Both merchants and users will use a virtual avatar to navigate the RFOX VALT. When entering a shopfront, the customer will be greeted by a merchant avatar controlled by another end-user.

Effectively, The RFOX VALT is unique in that it is a central hub, building the foundations of a virtual world economies with limitless possibilities.  

Ben Fairbank, CEO, and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs commented:

"We are building a future that I am extremely excited about. It is a big and complex vision with many moving parts, but we are starting with one step at a time and we are extremely proud to present you what we believe is not only the future of our ecosystem, but will also redefine digital inclusion, e-commerce, and immersive experiences."

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About RedFOX Labs 

RedFOX Labs is a venture builder based in Vietnam, that identifies and builds successful business models for the Southeast Asian markets. It is focused on unlocking the true market value of the Southeast Asian digital economy for high consumer demand services such as e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, and esports/gaming and focuses on adding value to the digital economy by building add-ons through blockchain. As a company, its value is tradable as the RedFOX Labs token, on the Ethereum platform. 

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