Celebrity Game Host Willie Revillame Donates Php5-M to PGH

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(SDN) — Php5 million is a lot of money, and it can go long way if used wisely.

Perhaps, none is wiser than donating it to a distressed institution like the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

And which what celebrity game host and actor Willie Revillame exactly did. Big time.

The popular TV personality on a live broadcast on GMA7 on Wednesday, May 19, 2021,of his highly regarded “Wowowin” game show announced he is donating Php5 million to PGH from his personal money.

Not only that. He also did a mini-telethon, calling on sponsors of his show as he asked them to donate Php1 million to PGH. He got Php3 million from Jonathan So, Sam Versosa, and others.

Immediately, the donees texted him still on live TV informing Revillame of their donation.

A fire on Sunday (May 16) hit the third floor  of the PGH located along Padre Faura Street in Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila. The fire disrupted the hospital’s operation which is in the midst of caring and treating patients suffering from the dreaded coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The incident prompted the management of the hospital to solicit donation. — EKU (✓)

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Featured image of Willie Revillame screen-grabbed from Wowowin on GMA7.

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