InvestChile Has Published an E-Book Showcasing Investment Opportunities in Chile’s Mining Industry

Mining in Chile not only offers opportunities for ore extraction but also for businesses involved its production chain, because many goods and services are required for it to function effectively.

SANTIAGO, Chile, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chile is the world’s leading copper producer and it produced 5.7 million metric tons of copper in 2020, making it highly attractive to foreign investors seeking opportunities in mining. Although these opportunities are concentrated in extraction, there is ever greater demand within its production chain in areas like transportation, energy, water desalination and the production and sale of other goods and services used in mining.

InvestChile, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, has therefore launched a new e-book, "Mining: projection and opportunities", which provides all the essential information that foreign investors need to establish a business in Chile.

This report includes a description of the market, which goes beyond the copper industry to include molybdenum, gold, iron ore, silver and lithium. It also explains in detail the logistics serving the mining industry and describes the main players and operations, the geological potential of the country, mining legislation and relevant business information and opportunities.

This new e-book is part of the InvestChile Insights series and includes a section that describes investment opportunities in mining services, including equipment for open pit and underground mining, automation and remote control, mineral extraction and processing optimization, and logistics, engineering and water efficiency services.

Foreign investors interested in this report can download it free of charge from our website

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