Yushangmei seeks to establish partnership with a new target company

GUANGZHOU, China, July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Guangzhou Yushangmei Health Management Co., Ltd. announced the termination of the partnership with the company headquartered in Nevada, USA. Meanwhile, Yushangmei has sought to establish partnership with a new target company, specific details will be announced in due course.

About Yushangmei Health Management Co., Ltd.

As a global innovative technology healthcare service corporation, Yushangmei owns a range of high-tech health products such as Fuhengbao, Miaoyiyan, and Jinshubao, which mainly focus on women’s personal health care and are developed by self-dependent technology. The company has cooperated intensively with the R&D institutions for high-tech female reproductive health product, stem cells, biomedicine and universities in Mainland China. Yushangmei is indeed a superpower in terms of technological research and development with a complete set for manufacturing, which leads them to has successfully launched a range of medical enzyme peptide and stem cells products in conjunction with multiple institutions.

What’s more, with the use of digitalized technology, e-commerce system platform is perfectly created, while online and offline businesses are highly integrated. Taking advantages of the craze of high-end private yoga for ladies, and the live-streaming celebrities with tens of millions of fans base, Yushangmei does not only echoes to Belt and Road initiative by boosting international trade for health industry, but also helps increasing the membership base by breaking into a new global market, and will end up standing at the forefront of health industry using big data.

With the smart e-commerce retail, self-operated online shopping mall in Yushangmei has already been established. Through stringent control on the eligibility of the supply chain manufacturers, together with the adoption of an innovative F to C model, more favorable and high quality "private & health" products are expected to be delivered directly from manufacturers to corporate clients. This does not only help more clients to save cost, but also facilitates more innovative brands to set up their own sales channels, eventually achieving the dream of having more national brands. As for the innovative healthcare system, which online and offline services are highly integrated, is also expected to have a considerable growth in value.

Through technology, the importance of healthcare and wellness will be deeply rooted to the people’s hearts, thereby realizing an upgraded global strategy of health and ecological services.

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