DOST via SETUP Helps ‘Ice Cream ng Bayan’ Get Upgrade

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Who wouldn’t love an ice cream to quench the heat of a hot summer day? Who wouldn’t love an ice cream on a cold rainy day? In fact, who wouldn’t love an ice cream every day?

Everybody loves ice cream but with the present pandemic, “Mamang Sorbetero” (Ice Cream man) has been restricted from roaming around our neighborhoods to sell his goods.

But if you are a loyal customer of the D’Original Bayan Ice Cream, you need not worry. You may still get your favorite ice cream flavor as its owner, Renato Macuha, Sr., can deliver it right to your own doorstep.

With the help of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through its Zambales provincial office, the producer of this good quality homemade ice cream has been able to continue doing business and ensure the availability of his products.

Upgrade for original ice cream ng bayan.
Packaging and labeling design execution and reproduction: 1 gallon plastic containers sticker labels and styro boxes.

With the introduction of proper packaging technologies acquired through the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program, or SETUP, Macuha has managed to continuously supply his resellers with 16 of his most sought after ice cream flavors.  The SETUP assistance allowed Mr. Macuha to acquire a chest-type freezer to ensure proper storage and for the development of appropriate packaging and labeling design.

From the start, Macuha detest the attribution of the term “dirty ice cream” to his products. He emphasizes that these are homemade and should not be considered dirty. He noted that although he used to sell his products using empty one gallon containers he got from a nearby bakeshop,  or  peddled in the streets in stainless steel cylinders in rolling carts sold one cone at a time, he always made sure that his products were processed with utmost regard to safety and cleanliness. Those are things of the past.

Nowadays, you can enjoy his products in properly packaged one-gallon or 75 ml tubs with very distinctive labels. And because of the DOST assistance they now deliver outside of Olongapo City, to other towns in Zambales and even to Pampanga, Manila and Cavite.

Ice cream, anyone? (Gemma M. Pangilinan, SRS-II, PSTC-Zambales) — (✓)


Featured image of ice cream on a cone for illustration only, credit to Mark Cruz on Unsplash.

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