Onion Global Will Launch Eyelicious Cosmetic Contact Lens Brand

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Onion Global Limited ("Onion Global", the "Group" or the "Company") (NYSE: OG), a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that incubates, markets, and distributes the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future brands to young people in China and across Asia, today announced that Xinyang Wujie or Sunwah Ocean, the joint venture between Onion Global and Sunwah Chuanyu, will incubate and launch its first private label contact lens brand called "Eyelicious" partnering with EYEMERA, a Korean specialized contact lens manufacturer. Eyelicious is the latest brand unveiled under Onion Global’s entirely new contact lens product category, and will be sold through its online and offline channels and authorized third-party platforms to ensure a safe and convenient way for customers to shop for Eyelicious products. The launch of Eyelicious will also further strengthen the brand’s overall omnichannel marketing strategy.

Cosmetic contact lenses are a highly popular beauty trend and continue to maintain a healthy growth trajectory in China, echoing the rising trend in eye makeup. Larger and luminous eyes still represent the beauty standard in terms of aesthetic perception amongst Chinese consumers, and cosmetic contact lenses are highly effective in creating such an effect.

Mr. Cong (Kenny) Li, Founder, and CEO of Onion Global commented, "We are excited to launch our first-ever cosmetic contact lens brand. Through this launch, we will tap into a brand new product category expanding our existing private label brands portfolio. Our primary goal is to fully utilize our top-notch supply chain to bring cosmetic contact lenses to the market and create a safe, trustworthy, and effortless shopping experience. We will also collaborate with our KOC influencers to create a memorable brand image for Eyelicious, and help the brand tell an authentic, differentiated, and engaging story to foster a meaningful connection with its consumers. Onion Global puts a strong focus on incubating innovation-led brands to match the quality and tailored products on the market combined with the optimal marketing and roll-out strategies. The expansion into cosmetic contact lenses complements our existing product categories and will give us new long-term growth opportunities in 2021 and beyond as we continue to grow our promising product pipeline."

EYEMERA Contacts is renowned for providing high-quality and innovative contact lenses with their industry-leading technologies and ability to continuously produce world-class products for its customers. Eyelicious contact lenses are designed to provide long-lasting comfort and a dramatic but natural look, and the brand is well-positioned to become a mainstream daily disposable product.

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About Sunwah Ocean

Sunwah Ocean is the joint venture between Onion Global and Sunwah Chuanyu, the Sichuan Area Branch of Sunwah Group. Sunwah Group is a highly diversified multinational conglomerate with overseas investments across Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Based in Southwest China, Sunwah Chuanyu is the 7th regional headquarters of Sunwah Group in Mainland China. The joint venture will target new consumer opportunities in Southwest China, and aims to boost cross-border e-commerce in the region with the mission of "cross-promoting local Sichuan goods to overseas markets, and bringing international goods to Sichuan."


EYEMERA began with the vision of manufacturing and producing world-class contact lenses, recognizes the care for our environment in preservation. With this mindset, EYEMERA quickly became a trusted name in providing protection and beauty of the eyes. Tremendous growth and evolution have allowed us to expand our operations internationally. Our foundation based on consistency and excellence is a testament to state-of-the-art quality, cutting-edge, and reliable products. In essence, we underline the importance of health, well-being, and beauty to captivate all the enjoyable things in life. Thank you and welcome to EYEMERA.

For more information, please visit: http://eye-mera.com/default/01/01.php.

About Onion Global Limited

Onion Global Limited (NYSE: OG) is a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that incubates, markets, and distributes the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future brands, which we refer to as "3F brands," to young people in China and across Asia. The Company’s mission is to be the dream factory of lifestyle brands for young people. The Company’s platform offers an integrated solution to develop, market, and distribute new and inspiring branded products, thereby reshaping the lifestyle shopping and consumer culture in China. Onion Global Limited has been listed on New York Stock Exchange since May 2021.

For more information, please visit: http://ir.msyc.com/.

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