TCL CSOT Demonstrates Potential of Semiconductor Display Products During DTC 2021

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TCL CSOT, a leading semiconductor display company, recently concluded its 2021 Global Display Tech-ecosystem Conference (DTC 2021). At the event, TCL CSOT proposed the concept of ‘Displayverse’ for the first time and unveiled five cutting-edge display products.

‘Displayverse’ relates to the company’s strategic plan covering panel products of various sizes, categories and forms. Despite an ever-changing industrial and technological landscape, TCL CSOT is committed to providing comprehensive solutions ranging from small-scale wearable devices, smartphones, medium-sized MNT and TV panels to large commercial display devices.

Zhao Jun, COO of TCL CSOT, stated, "Mini LED, Micro LED and OLED leverage the same underlying technology and have a lot of similarities with one another. Therefore, the ‘Displayverse’ will revolve around the dual-technology strategy of MLED and OLED to achieve synergistic development. In terms of application, Mini LED and Micro LED will be mainly applied in the field of large-sized and super-sized displays; OLED will be centered around developing medium-sized and large-sized displays. TCL CSOT aims to achieve a panel product layout of various sizes, categories and forms."

Based on the two core technology lines of MLED and OLED, the five new display products that TCL CSOT released at the conference represent a leap towards the ‘Displayverse’ vision. The five products included the world’s largest 65-inch inkjet-printed 8K OLED panel, a rollable 14-inch inkjet-printed OLED display, the world’s first 8-inch minimum radius 360-degree foldable AMOLED display, a 49-inch R800 curved 5000+ zones MLED and the world’s first 125-inch glass-based MLED display.

For example, the 65-inch inkjet-printed 8K OLED panel has a 99% DCI-P3 color gamut and offers unparallel image quality developed jointly by TCL and JOLED, a display technology firm. The panel represents TCL’s latest achievement in OLED display marking TCL as one of three companies in the world that produced in-depth research on inkjet printing OLED technology.

In terms of MLED, TCL revealed a 49-inch R800 curved MLED with the world’s highest local dimming zones at more than 5,000. A high-resolution, high-contrast and a high refresh rate of up to 240Hz and ultra-wide viewing angle bring users an immersive visual experience.

Doctor Yan Xiaolin, CTO and Senior Vice President of TCL Technology Group said, "In the IoT era, display scenarios will keep developing and extending. The applications of displays are moving towards a more intelligent, personalized, scenario-based trend. Companies need to take technology innovation as a core drive and constantly increase their technological strength."

By following current trends and collaborating with global partners, TCL CSOT will continue to devote itself to developing more diversified display technologies and build platforms integrating products, technologies and solutions constantly satisfying the diverse needs of customers and markets.

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TCL CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd), is a company committed to developing new technologies and innovations in semiconductor display industry. TCL CSOT actively invests in future technologies such as Mini-LED, Micro-LED, OLED, and Ink-Jet Printing OLED. The company business includes large area display, small medium display and touch modules, interactive white boards, video walls, automotive displays, and gaming monitors, which contributes to the core competence in the global panel industry.

About Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor

Zhonghuan Semiconductor takes new energy materials and semi-conductor materials as its dual main business to drive development, including the R&D, production and sales of semi-conductor wafers, semi-conductor devices, solar wafers and solar cell modules, as well as the construction and operation of photovoltaic power stations. On July 15, 2020, TCL acquired Zhonghuan Semi-conductor, achieving the significant presence and strategic reserve in the field of semi-conductors and new energy.

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