Chinese Medicine Gets Big Vote of Confidence from Metropolitan Medical Center, A First in Philippines

“I’m very hopeful that this will benefit more and more Filipinos! Congratulations to the start of this new partnership!”

— Ambassador Huang Xilian


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China’s top diplomat in the Philippines, His Excellency Ambassador Huang Xilian. (All images, credit: Facebook of the ambassador)


(SDN) — Chinese medicine has been officially recognized in the Philippines. That’s at least for one Philippine medical institution.

No less than Ambassador Huang Xilian, China’s top diplomat posted in the Philippines, who broke the news publicly.

He announced the big development on his Facebook page.

“A first in the Philippines! Metropolitan Medical Center will open a dedicated Chinese Medicine Department!”, he triumphantly revealed.

Ambassador Huang identified the hospital as the Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC), saying the MMC and the Philippine Traditional Chinese Medicine Center (PTCMC) agreed to the establishment of a dedicated facility.

He said the two parties “just signed an agreement deciding to jointly create a Chinese Medicine Department (CMD) in the prestigious hospital. This came after the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) Traditional and Alternative Medicine Research Center (TAMRC) gave the standard guidelines for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice in the country.”

Ambassador Huang’s post gave the location of the MMC which is in Manila Chinatown, adding the MMC “is an ideal location for the country’s first hospital based TCM Department.”

The Chinese diplomat added, “Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of years of research and historical usage, and is prevalent in many countries all over the world. It offers a different yet effective approach to healing the body, and has been widely recognized especially during Covid-19 for the many benefits that it has provided in countering the virus.”

He was optimistic of the TCM’s ability to be beneficial to Filipinos.

“I’m very hopeful that this will benefit more and more Filipinos! Congratulations to the start of this new partnership!”


Featured image of acupuncture application credit and thanks to Katherine Hanlon @tinymountain on Unsplash.

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