Hettigoda Industries Private Limited Awarded at the International Innovation Awards 2021 for Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray

SINGAPORE, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise Asia is pleased to honor 52 award recipients at the International Innovation Awards 2021. Spearheading the Innovation Revolution, the International Innovation Awards which aims to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises is held annually to recognize outstanding innovations across the globe.

The award drew an exceptional mix of submissions from various industries and countries. 52 emerged as victors from the 260 applications through undergoing a rigorous evaluation process by a jury of prominent judges across three categories: Product, Service & Solution and Organization & Culture.

Hettigoda Industries Private Limited Award-Winning Innovation

Hettigoda Industries Private Limited received the the International Innovation Awards 2021 for Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray under the Product Category.

Siddhalepa was founded in 1934 by kidney specialist and astrologer Ayur. Dr. Hendrick de Silva Hettigoda who hailed from an ancestry of Ayurveda physicians of over 200 years. The unique Ayurveda formula of the Siddhalepa balm is one of the great examples of innovations in the Hela Ayurveda sector. It is a multipurpose and effective relief solution for various health issues ranging from muscle pain to the common cold. 

The Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray’s value creation is delivered through convenience and quick relief, and it has played a major role in the brand’s growth journey for the past 4 years. The traditional time-tested knowledge used in the spray’s development is constantly researched and validated by the company’s scientists through modern science and techniques at their well-equipped modern laboratory facility. Hettigoda Industries’s innovations are the results of a combination of family-based Ayurveda know-how, traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, modern technology, innovative ideas, and R&D capabilities. All innovations and R&D practices are also guided by a panel of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, scientists, and internationally recognized consultants.   

Continuous introduction of new product lines under the flagship brand increased Siddhalepa’s revenue over time, leading the company to maintain low customer retention costs. Siddhalepa currently enjoys a market share of 85% and 75% of direct market penetration as the market leader in the Ayurveda pain relief solutions market in Sri Lanka by being a consumer-centric innovative product for the past 87 years. 

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