Webasto’s Roof Systems to Enhance Driving Experiences in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Germany based Webasto Group today announced that it is now available in Indonesia with official sales representatives recently opened in the country. By introducing its innovative roof systems to local vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), Webasto underlines the elegant vehicle design and comfort, for example, through great visibility, fresh air, quiet drive and ease of operation.

Innovative sunroof for modern vehicle interior
Innovative sunroof for modern vehicle interior

The rapid urbanization due to the country’s growth has increased vehicle traffic in Indonesia over the past years. With more time spent in their cars, there is the need for the drivers to seek for solutions to better feel and enhance their daily driving. One of these solutions are roof systems – a perfect way to add new feature to a vehicle.

Cutting-edge design to tackle climate change

With the use of new technologies and innovative materials, Webasto offers a full portfolio of roof systems designed to fit to all vehicle styles. Classic sunroofs and the more impressive panoramic roofs enhance the comfort level of the interior of modern vehicles. Additional features provide added flexibility for urban living, together with aesthetic lighting options.

Providing perfect protection for roof users, Webasto’s roof glass panels can filter at least 95% of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can be further enhanced with an additional layer of protection that increases the infrared rejection (IR). For the user, this sees the reduction of temperature and heat generation within the vehicle while minimizing any risk of skin-burning sensation.

A sunblind is typically mounted into the roof system for the best protection, with switchable glazing an option to consider as well, creating unforgettable driving experiences.

Various testing stages to ensure complete customer satisfaction

To ensure the highest quality standards, Webasto is testing its products during various stages of the development and production process. One of Webasto’s standard tests also requires roofs to go through harsh long-term environmental conditions in sequence, such as unnatural extreme heat, cyclical climate changes, cataplasma, as well as standard sunlight simulation.

"We perform operational durability tests for over ten thousand cycles under various temperature conditions, as well as tests for water leakage and noise changes. The commitment of our quality is also complemented by futureproof thinking, such as the use of polycarbonate, polyurethane composites, and the ProTec technology. With this we ensure that in the future roof systems with even less weight can be produced," said Kento Ishikawa, Chief Validation at Webasto Asia Pacific.

Other prominent and future oriented features of Webasto’s roof systems include:

  • Roof Sensor Module with integrated sensors for autonomous driving including thermal & cleaning management
  • Solar Roofs that allow drivers to charge the battery with solar power (EU Eco-Innovation)
  • Convertible Roof Systems for soft tops, hard tops and hybrid Convertible Roofs
  • Space-Optimized Roof Systems for more interior space and headroom

To address the needs of our Indonesian OEM customers more efficiently, Webasto is now officially available in Indonesia.

About Webasto:

The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers, with a product portfolio that comprises a broad range of roof and heating systems for every type of vehicle as well as battery systems and charging solutions. Webasto also provides dealers and end customers with customized solutions and services relating to thermo management and electromobility.

Webasto also operates over 30 production plants in all major automotive markets and is active in more than 50 countries.

You can find out more about the company here: https://www.webasto.com/int/#.

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