CELL Protocol Announces Soft Launch of Test Network: Airdrop Mining Phase to Follow

SINGAPORE, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CELL Protocol Foundation announced the soft launch of its highly anticipated Testnet application on 15 January, available for download via the company’s website.

The announcement serves as an invitation for all users to download and install the mining program and explore its functionality on a trial basis – with no tickets issued for revenue purposes during this period.

This will be followed by the launch of its Airdrop mining phase on 21 January, which will facilitate the running of the program with the issuance of tickets for revenue generation.

During the aforementioned Airdrop mining phase, CELL Protocol will issue 1% (1,000,000) of its total chips over 18 months, releasing further trenches of 1% every other year thereafter, over the span of 15 years. This steady and measured release of chips will allow one million cells to be released a month, with a reduction of production levels halved every three years.

The revenue model will both regulate the number of CELL tokens circulating in its system as well as attract miners to join CELL network and render their services.

These developments in CELL Protocol’s roadmap will further advance the company’s mission to create a decentralised, highly secure, stable and robust universal privacy computing platform.

The first privacy computing network that integrates key advantages of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), MPC and TEE, CELL Protocol’s balanced data ecosystem promises to pave the way for major advancements in the privacy data storage, cross chain governance, distribution of key management functionalities and secure signature arenas.

About CELL Protocol Foundation
The CELL network is a decentralised, highly secure, and robust private open network. The main decentralised cross-chain platform enables anyone to freely participate in building decentralised cross-chain channels using idle devices through a fair nominated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a non-interactive proof-of-survival mechanism, supporting stable, efficient as well as low-cost connections to assets in heterogeneous chains.

You can find out more about the company here.

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