TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IDEG Asset Management Limited (IDEG), a professional digital asset manager, announced today that it has launched the IDEG Renaissance SP and the IDEG DeFi Tracker SP as part of its growing TIMES product shelf of thematic digital asset funds.

The launch is part of an ambitious strategy to rollout a series of thematic funds offering professional and institutional investors a professionally managed and third party custodied exposure to digital asset investments and seize on market opportunities, managed through through IDEG’s market leading compliance, risk and internal controls processes.

The IDEG Renaissance SP is a mixed basket of digital assets that holds weighting among public chain, DeFi, metaverse as well as other sectors, in addition to Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH). 

Emma Hu, Head of Product Developement, IDEG said, "We see these three sectors as having significant potential in the near term. The IDEG Renaissance SP is in many ways our flagship core-satellite portfolio for accessing digital asset markets. This SP will be rebalanced quarterly to reflect our latest view of the market. With BTC and ETH at the core, and more than 30 digital assets in the portfolio it benefits from a flexible and actively managed satellite approach to trending themes. We expect to see a continuous decreasing weighting in BTC and ETH in our Renaissance SP as other protocols emerge with the potential to buoy overall performance."

The IDEG DeFi Tracker SP covers the decentralized finance space. Hu added, "We are investing in protocols built on Ethereum as well as other public chains to capitalize on the flourishing growth in this sector. The addition of both funds further strengthens our TIMES product shelf and our commitment to providing more innovative solutions."

The two funds will benefit from the experienced investment management from newly appointed Head of Portfolio Management, Markus Thielen. Thielen has over 17 years of experience in traditional and digital asset markets. He has held CIO and Portfolio Management roles in leading hedge funds, including Millennium Capital Partners and JP Morgan. He will be playing an active role in rebalancing and assessing market opportunities for the IDEG Renaissance SP and IDEG DeFi Tracker SP.

More about IDEG and T-I-M-E-S

IDEG is a digital asset-only asset management group of companies.

IDEG Asset Management Limited is IDEG Group’s offshore fund manager, a BVI Approved Manager licensed with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. IDEG Asset Management Limited acts as investment manager to various products in the T-I-M-E-S product shelf. IDEG has pioneered a multi-strategy thematic product shelf, T-I-M-E-S, allowing accredited and institutional investors to access digital asset market opportunities with varying risk exposure. T-I-M-E-S includes actively managed Tracker products; Interest earning products; Mining backed products; Earnings products with exposure to DeFi strategies; and Structured solutions that are tailored to the needs of the investor.

In 2019, IDEG launched Asia’s first Bitcoin Trust and the Atlas Mining Trust. Unlike passively managed funds and trusts, Asia Bitcoin Trust I is an enhanced Bitcoin trust, which seeks to improve returns by using active management by applying a range of hedging and arbitrage strategies to enhance returns for the investors while effectively controlling the risk of drawdowns. The funds are open only to qualifying investors.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No interests in securities are being offered by virtue of this press release. None of these securities have been registered for public offering with any securities regulator in any jurisdiction and are not available for retail or public subscription. Digital assets investing involves significant risk and a potential for total loss of capital. You are advised to seek independent professional financial and legal advice. Regulatory status is not an endorsement by any regulator.  No regulator has approved or endorsed this publication.

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