New free cleaning experience, home appliance brand GWEICH will soon land in Southeast Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the restriction of people’s outdoor activities in the pandemic era, people’s long-term home needs have been stimulated, and home cleaning has increasingly attracted people’s attention. The home appliance brand GWEICH officially announced that it will be launched in the Southeast Asian market in the near future.

GWEICH products to be launched in Southeast Asian market
GWEICH products to be launched in Southeast Asian market

GWEICH takes advanced bionic science and technology and female experience as the design core, actively implements the new concept of freedom of housework, and advocates creating a free American middle-class lifestyle for female users.

New Technology | Suction Principle | 7 filtration

As a household appliance brand dedicated to the production of cleaning products, GWEICH creatively developed the industry-leading Suction Principle (bionic cleaning technology), which can greatly improve the utilization rate of air volume, and is highly sealed and realizes multiple filtration and dust cleaning.

The fundamental factor that determines the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner is not the suction, but the absolute vacuum of the fan [1]. The professional sealed dust suction port adopted by suction principle (bionic cleaning technology) can form negative pressure with the ground, build a sealed environment by using the pressure difference, increase the adsorption force and reduce dust leakage.

Furthermore, the whole machine body is equipped with a powerful 7 filtration system and adopts a unique mesh structure filter screen, which can accurately absorb various particles, including food debris, bacteria and insect eggs, and achieve absolute purification through multiple filtration. This product can completely solve the problems of exhaust gas emission and secondary pollution of dust particles and allergens caused by traditional vacuum cleaners.

New Concept | Free Housework | Joyful Life

GWEICH vacuum cleaner,Essentials for free lifestyle
GWEICH vacuum cleaner,Essentials for free lifestyle

GWEICH home appliance brand was founded by American engineer Weichel Geller in 2014. Dr. Geller joined hands with Asian industrial designer Yolanda to start the research, development and testing of home vacuum cleaners in 2018.

In the process of product development, the GWEICH team followed the ergonomic design, aimed at the use habits of Asian women, combined with the latest technology to integrate the super filtration system and light operation, so that women can enjoy an efficient experience and truly free themselves from housework.

Yolanda said about the launch plan of GWEICH in the Southeast Asian market: as the main participants in household duties in Southeast Asian families, women need more intelligent and easy cleaning products to share their pressure. This is the humanized design of GWEICH’s household appliances, which can bring a truly pleasant home life experience for Southeast Asian women.

Create a better life without dust.

The new home appliance brand GWEICH takes users as the core, and hopes to create a better cleaning experience for more Southeast Asian families through the people-oriented "Extreme Design".

GWEICH, essentials for free lifestyle.

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[1] Absolute vacuum: refers to the maximum negative pressure obtained when the air inlet area of the fan approaches zero.

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