MILG Minister Sinarimbo Receives Visit from Army Colonel Guinid

COTABATO CITY (SDN) A key part of being a public official is receiving and hosting visitors from fellow government servants, or from private individuals.

It’s true in in every office, and with every government executive.

At the Ministry of the Interior and the Local Government (MILG), Interior Minister Naguib G. Sinarimbo has been receiving visitors now and then at his office at the Bangsamoro Government Center (BGC), Cotabato City, Maguindanao.

The province of Maguindanao is one of the component areas of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

Over the week, Sinarimbo welcomed another dignitary in his office, Philippine Army (PA) Colonel Leo B. Guinid of the 1st Brigade “Aegis” Combat Team.

Interior Minister Naguib G. Sinarimbo presents a gift to his caller, Philippine Army (PA) Colonel Leo B. Guinid of the PA 1st Brigade ‘Aegis’ Combat Team. (Credit: MILG)

The two government officials discussed a wide range of topics.

“It was a very engaging conversation on a range of areas of cooperation and partnership ranging from disaster preparedness planning, community security, assistance to returnees thru Project Tugon (Project Response), and peace and development in the Bangsamoro,” the MILG head noted.

Sinarimbo valued his meeting with Guinid, who dropped by his office.

“It is always refreshing to converse with a military officer who sees that winning the war is more of a community development and positive engagement with our people rather than a purely tactical military victory.

“Peace, indeed, has come not only in our region, but more importantly, in our hearts,” the MILG emphasized.
The territory of the Bangsamoro region, established in 2018 through the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) to implement the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), is made up of the provinces of Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi, the cities of Cotabato, Lamitan, and Marawi, as well as the 63 barangays or villages in North Cotabato collectively known as Special Geographic Area (SGA). In January and February 2019, the 63 villages’ residents voted “yes” in a referendum as they opted to be under the BARMM government jurisdiction.

Its population per the Philippine Atlas as of 2020 census is 4,404,288 people. It has 116 municipalities: Basilan, 11 municipalities; Lanao del Sur, 39; Maguindanao, 36; Sulu, 19; and Tawi-Tawi, 11. Its component cities are Cotabato (the regional center and capital) in Maguindanao; Lamitan in Basilan; and Marawi in Lanao del Sur.

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Meanwhile, construction projects of the MILG continued to sprout in various Bangsamoro local government units (LGUs), one of them Barangay Hall buildings.

The newly built Barangay Hall of Barangay Balong in Pikit Cluster of the SGA. (Image: MILG)

On September 8, Sinarimbo reported another completed Barangay Hall in the village of Balong, a Pikit Cluster of the SGA.

“Our hope is even as we strengthen governance at the village level by providing these infrastructure projects and capacity development through trainings and mentoring, these barangay heads will improve their services to our constituents so that, truly, our people will feel that this government is their own,” the MILG chief pointed out.

Forming part of the “dividends of peace”, the fruits of the CAB, the MILG construction program covers Municipal Halls, Philippine National Police (PNP) Stations, Public Terminals, Tourism Centers, Public Markets, Installation of Water Desalination Machine Facilities in villages starving of potable water and Water Systems.

Sinarimbo has assured that under his leadership of the MILG these construction projects as well as MILG’s other programs, projects, and services will continue till 2025 when regular officials of the BARMM shall have been elected.


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