NordVPN study: Taiwanese spend almost 70 hours a week online

A NordVPN study shows that Taiwanese spend 70 days per week on the internet. How do they spend their time online?

LONDON, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwanese spend almost 70 hours a week online, which is the equivalent of 3 days of 7, according to a survey by cybersecurity company NordVPN. This amounts to 152 days a year, or almost 34 years of a lifetime.

Taiwanese most popular online activity is watching videos (e.g. Youtube) (more than 10h/week). In fact, Taiwan comes 3rd out of all countries surveyed regarding video watching.

2 in 3 Taiwanese admitted relying on the internet on a daily basis

The NordVPN survey also showed that 2 in 3 Taiwanese (60.1%) admitted relying on the internet on a daily basis. Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN, shares some tips to make Taiwanese online time both enjoyable and secure:

  • Use secure passwords. If you find it hard to remember them, try a password manager.
  • Double check and verify links. Avoid suspicious ads, links, or emails from people you don’t know.
  • Use a VPN. It will encrypt your connection so that no one can breach your privacy or snatch your personal data.
  • Use secure public Wi-Fi. Hackers set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots to lure unsuspecting web surfers in. Once someone logs in to it, the hacker can see basically everything people do online.
  • Don’t share personal information. It goes without saying that you should never share your passwords, banking information, or address online. Other information could be used to guess answers to your security questions or even give hackers a tip-off when it comes to guessing your password.


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