DPA Investments is planning to launch a US$250 million “Impact investing” fund

SINGAPORE, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SINGAPORE-BASED DPA Investments is planning to launch a US$250 million "Impact investing" fund, focused on early-stage technology startups in the healthcare, education and food technology industries which can bring social and environmental benefits as well as financial returns.

It is targeting a first close by the first half of 2023, said managing director Johnn Gopal Anand, He added that the fund – DPA Venture Fund II – plans to invest up to US$10 million for a "significant minority stake" in each selected startup that is in the seed or Series A stage.

DPA Investments will also launch a private equity fund – called DPA Growth Fund III – with a targeted war chest of US$100 million, to invest in growth stage startups in the same sectors. Investment sizes range from US$5 million to US$20 million.

Impact investing aims to look beyond only financial metrics when assessing a company. Besides commercial growth, these funds tend to focus on investments that can also benefit society too.

A key indicator the firm looks at is the number of beneficiaries the startup can serve, said Mr. Anand. For example, Food technology companies, the impact created could be measured by the growing interest in the sector, as well as how it can reach those who might not otherwise have access to such technologies.

"We would also want to make sure that these indicators are also colinear to growth, such that if the number of beneficiaries grow, the startup would grow too," said Mr. Anand.

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