Livingston Chinese Association(LCA) to Host Lunar New Year celebration

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Livingston Chinese Association (LCA) will be hosting a Lunar New Year celebration the year of rabbit on Sunday, January 22 at Livingston High School’s oval. Michael Vieria, the mayor of Livingston and other government officials will be in attendance at the event. 

For the first time, event will feature fireworks to "send-off the old and usher in the new". The effort to get approval of using fireworks took several years of planning, the LCA had to navigate the complex rules and regulations surrounding fireworks as well as security funding, but all their hard work paid off.

Following last year’s huge success of Gala event in which over a hundred guests attended, including the mayor of Livingston and several other public officials, LCA hopes to replicate the success of last year’s event and continues to provide entertainment for residents.

The Living Stone Christian Church and Livingston Chinese Culture Day are joining LCA in preparing the celebration. The event will start at 4:30 PM and fireworks will start at 6:00PM. Families and residents can participate in fun activities including traditional Chinese Ge folk dance, roasting marshmallow and many more.  

About LCA

The Livingston Chinese Association (LCA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, member-based organization founded in 1970’s. It’s operated solely by volunteers and has been helping and serving Livingston and nearby Chinese communities for more than 40 years. The mission of the association is to help and support each other, preserve and promote traditional Chinese culture in Chinese American society, especially among our next generation through recreational and cultural activities

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