The Industry Facing Tough Times, Sftimo Strives to Protect Investors’ Assets

SINGAPORE, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Sftimo released the following statement:

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian institution in the industry, Sftimo aims always to put the interests of investors in the first place. Sftimo will exert the greatest efforts in protecting underlying architecture and screening listed projects, and strive to provide valuable blockchain projects while protecting the investors’ assets.

In addition, Sftimo holds a 1:1 reserve of user assets and will also set aside 30% of the reserve for the investor protection fund to participate in the insurance compensation plan in case of various emergencies affecting the immediate interests of investors.

This fund will remain frozen and will only be active under the following specific circumstances:

The investor protection fund will protect all trading pairs listed on Sftimo. In case of any abnormal circumstances leading to a zero value of the token, the Sftimo will activate the investor protection fund. For spot trading users, according to the on-chain snapshot data, an equivalent amount of USDT will be paid to the user’s account at the average transaction price of the trading pair before the abnormal node. For contract trading users, the USDT equivalent to the average closing price before the abnormal node will be paid to the user’s account.

In case of asset loss caused by the platform’s own technical reasons (except for force majeure factors), the platform will also active the investor protection fund and pay a certain percentage of tokens to the user who suffers the loss.

When a project on the platform falls on its first day of trading, the investor protection fund will be activated to compensate the user who purchases and holds the token on the platform with an equivalent amount of USDT.

Sftimo has never compromised on the security of your accounts and assets – and we never will.

Sftimo will regularly update website features to provide continuous and secure transaction protection.

Company: Sftimo Blockchain Markets Limited
Contact Person: jeremy lau
City: Singapore

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