ESR Launches the World’s First MagSafe Wallet with Full Apple-Certified Find My on Kickstarter

WILLINGTON, Del., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading tech accessories’ brand, ESR, announces the launch of its HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand, the world’s first MagSafe wallet with full Apple-certified Find My functionality. The HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand is available now exclusively on Kickstarter for the Super Early Bird price of just $27.

ESR Geo MagSafe Wallet with Full Apple-Certified Find My Released on Kickstarter
ESR Geo MagSafe Wallet with Full Apple-Certified Find My Released on Kickstarter

"Apple users looking to keep their wallets safe used to face a dilemma: attach the official MagSafe wallet to their phone or an AirTag to their wallet. The first keeps everything you need together but if your wallet comes off, very likely given its weak magnetic strength, then you can only track the last location it was attached. The second lets you track your wallet’s real-time location but gives you an ugly, bulky wallet without the snap-and-go power of MagSafe. We decided to solve this dilemma and create a wallet that combines the convenience of MagSafe with the full Find My functionality of AirTag." explained Tracy He, Product Manager at ESR.

The HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand offers the following features: 

Official Apple-Certified Find My

With the built-in Apple-certified Bluetooth Find My module, once paired with an iPhone, users can instantly see their wallet’s location, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications, whether attached to their phone or not. The official MagSafe Wallet connects via NFC and can only be tracked when attached to a phone.

Stronger Magnetic Lock

Powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force ensure a magnetic lock more than twice as strong as the official MagSafe Wallet, giving users total peace of mind when carrying their credit cards and ID.

Unique Card-Slot Design

The card slot holds 1, 2, or 3 cards equally secure thanks to the inner dynamic tension spring. The bottom also features a cutout, making it easier for users to pop out their cards compared to the official MagSafe Wallet. 

Multi-view Stand

The hinged design means users can open it out to create a stable stand at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape, for the ideal hands-free experience at home or on the go.

Secure Grip

The specially designed finger loop lets users slide in any finger for a more secure grip of their phone on the go, then easily fold it flat when they want to pocket their phone. 



83 g


Vegan leather


Midnight Black/Caramel Brown

Battery life

3 months from a full charge

Charging time

1.5 hours


iPhones with MagSafe (12 series or later) running iOS 14.5 or later

With over 300 patents already secured and more on the way, innovation has always been a driving force behind ESR’s design philosophy. This is why the company will continue to create products that make tech easier to use throughout 2023. This year will see the continued expansion of the HaloLock™ system with the release of a new HaloLock™ Power Bank Wallet, as well as other MFM-certified accessories.

The HaloLock™ Geo Wallet Stand is available now exclusively on Kickstarter. The first 300 backers will get 30% off retail with the Super Early Bird price of just $27!

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For more information, please refer to the online press kit Here.

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Founded in 2009, with a user base of now over 100 million people worldwide, ESR is a leading brand of tech accessories. From cases that do more than protect, to wireless chargers that reimagine what’s possible with MagSafe, we’re on a mission to make tech easier to use.

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