China Academy of Art dressed its graduates in academic regalia designed by itself

HANGZHOU, China, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is another graduation season. 2,710 graduates of 2023 will be embarking on a new chapter of their life after graduating from China Academy of Art (CAA). The fresh graduates have culminated their youthful study journey at CAA with an academic dress. They will be always part of CAA.

During each graduation season from 2013, CAA has dressed its graduates in academic regalia designed by itself.

Black in the dress holds CAA’s best wishes to its graduates’ academic career as free as water; linen fabric is natural, sturdy and sustainable; tassel indicates tender care and responsibilities;

The tassel is 40 cm long with a Chinese knot. This represents CAA expecting its graduates to be tenacious, resilient and composed in their future careers. The tassel also symbolizes the affection and knowledge between alumni and CAA. Graduates are fruits of CAA.

The dress is designed with five traditional Chinese colors, which are especially demonstrated in part of the cape and the tassel.

Each graduate with a bachelor’s degree puts on a chartreuse jabot like a tree to a forest, with four buttons on the front meaning four years in CAA;

Each graduate with a master’s degree carries a plum jabot like a fish to water, with seven buttons on the front meaning three more years in CAA;

Each doctoral graduate is adorned with a carmine jabot like fire to wild, with ten buttons on the front meaning another three years in CAA;

Each instructor is embellished with an earthy yellow jabot like soil growing plants and fruits dedicatedly, with twelve buttons on the front;

Each dean has a gold jabot while each member of the Academic Board has a silver one with sixteen buttons on the front, meaning they are as persevering as gold and silver, demonstrating the long-lasting CAA spirit and excellent education.

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