BARMM Environment Ministry Reaffirms Commitment to Good Governance during 2023 Annual Audit Entrance Conference

Façade of the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM) Building of the BARMM Government. (Photo: SDN — SciTech and Digital News)

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COTABATO CITY – The Bangsamoro Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE), with its Provincial ENRE Offices in Maguindanao and Tawi-Tawi, actively engaged in the Entrance Conference for the 2023 Annual Audit organized by the Commission on Audit (COA). They were held consecutively on October 25 in Cotabato City and October 26 in Tawi-Tawi.

Bangsamoro Environment Minister Akmad A. Brahim. (Credit: MENRE)

The meeting started with the introduction of the audit team and the readiness of the auditee. It is designed to secure compliance, improve operational efficiency, and facilitate a smooth audit process.

MENRE Minister Akmad A. Brahim expressed his objective during the conference, saying, “Our objective is to succeed while remaining compliant with the law, especially in the areas of administration and finance. We are dedicated to working diligently to support our programs and projects, particularly on Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim’s moral governance initiative.”

During the conference, the state auditors discussed the Audit Overview, the roles, duties, and management of auditors, and the Rules and Regulations on the Settlement of Accounts (RRSA). They also emphasized the audit priorities, obligatory reports, and their deadlines, recurring findings and concerns raised by COA Auditors, as well as the categories of disallowances.

BARMM Environment Director General Atty. Badr Ebus Salendab. (Credit: MENRE)

The meeting transitioned into an engaging open forum, promoting active involvement as attendees raised various questions. These dialogues not only addressed participants’ inquiries but also enhanced their comprehension of the topic. Several officials expressed their commitment to following the rules and regulations set by the COA, assuring the commission of their firm’s adherence to standard auditing procedures in the light of moral values.

The recently concluded conference at the Porchbay Hotel and Restaurant in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, saw the participation of PENREO Tawi-Tawi management, led by PENREO Jonel I. Mohammad Monel.

On the other hand, the Entrance Conference held at the Conference Room, MENRE’s New Executive Building, Cotabato City, was graced by Brahim, together with Director General Atty. Badr Ebus Salendab, Administration, Finance, and Management Services Director Al-Sharif M. Tamburani, Ph.D., JD, PENRE Officer-Maguindanao Forester Lauban S. Abdul, MPA, CENRE Officer-1A Forester Faisal U. Akmad, MPA, and CENRE Officer-1B Forester Datumama K. Makartur, MPA, along with other PENREO personnel, foresters, and engineers.

The conference’s success highlighted the government’s efforts to ensure transparency, accountability, and good governance. MENRE’s active involvement demonstrated dedication to complying with the law while supporting the region’s programs and projects, particularly on moral governance initiatives. (✓)


Source: MENRE

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