Daesung (CEO Jeong Hyuk), a company that thinks about the environment and the future, has developed a new ESG product to reduce plasma odor and harmful gas that can be reused even after demolition because it is easy to move, install, and remove.

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Existing plasma odor reduction devices are large, heavy and difficult to install in small places, but Daesung’s products can be installed anywhere, and the amount of ozone generated by discharge is integrated with hardware and software to prevent damage to humans and animals. It is also a product line that facilitates the removal of bacteria, viruses, various odors, harmful gases, and fine dust due to ozone oxidation.

Daesung, a smart farm company, is promoting its products by participating in various domestic and international exhibitions
Daesung, a smart farm company, is promoting its products by participating in various domestic and international exhibitions

In particular, it is possible to remove viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are at risk of developing in livestock facilities and sewers, and to remove odors such as bad smell and fishy smell from livestock excrement and food waste.

CEO Jeong Hyuk said, "We have developed plasma odor and harmful gas reduction devices to find ways to work in a safe environment for those suffering from poor conditions while visiting the site directly to solve disease problems through odor removal technology."

Daesung has smart farms and smart beekeeping equipment that contribute to creating an efficient working environment and improving productivity by utilizing advanced automation technologies, IT platforms, and big data.

Daesung Smart Beekeeping System is a technology product that allows remote control of manual beekeeping operations even in places other than bee farms. It is an all-in-one product consisting of automatic specifications, automatic water supply, and temperature and humidity control functions. It is a smart beekeeping device that can measure and track the internal environment of beehives based on IoT, control application-based specifications, water supply (water supply compatible), and control temperature and humidity within the management range.

In addition, the automatic de-sealing machine is a portable automated beekeeping machine material that pulls the hive out of the honeycomb and safely removes bees. In particular, it can be easily used outdoors without any additional equipment because it is made of light material that greatly reduces the weight enough to be held with one hand.

The wasp trap is an eco-friendly ESG product that can catch wasps in a way that is harmless to the ecosystem because it is easily installed and does not use attractions.

Starting with the 2023 Korea ICT EXPO in Japan, the event is held as part of the regional digital global bridge project in June this year, it participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad, including a meeting with the president of the Ethiopian Beekeeping Association and the UNIDO Ethiopian Addis Ababa branch in August, a Busan K-ICT Week in Busan, a Philippine road show, and a GMV exhibition.

In order to expand the Japanese and Uzbekistan markets, Uzbekistan will also participate in three events: the Overseas ODA Agricultural Technology Guidance Meeting, the Okinawa Resort IT Week, and the Las Vegas CES 2024 Eureka Park Jeonbuk Pavilion.

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