Japan’s Panasonic Showcases a Range of Smart and Sustainable B2B Product Solutions

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(SDN) — Japan’s Panasonic, which prides itself as a global leader in electronics, is showcasing a whole range of product offerings at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City, Metro Manila.

Panasonic Philippines executives Satoshi Kono, vice president of Panasonic Manufacturing, Yosuke Tanaka, Business to Business (B2B) Marketing Group manager, and engineer Nikko Placer, B2B Business Development Manager, and other executives of the company jointly showed journalists and bloggers some of the products on offer.

The event was being held since Tuesday, November 8, dubbed the Panasonic B2B Integrated Show, a special partners’ engagement trade show for them and the members of the news and social media to experience better the company’s “total solutions”. It has been ongoing for a few days now.

Photo: SDN – SciTech & Digital News

With a reputation for energy-efficient solutions, the Japanese brand is showcasing a suite of state-of-the-art technology covering Control Solutions, Safety Solutions, Saving Solutions, Security Solutions, and Comfort Solutions, which the company has all seamlessly integrated its innovative offerings.

As Placer explained in his presentation, Control Solutions are focused on the future of accessibility as they provide easy access through both standard and smart control devices. Invitees at the event November 8 were shown a whole sets of control systems suitable for various projects, whether new or already existing. Panasonic engineers designed the systems to be user-friendly, cost-effective, easy to operate as well as requiring low maintenance.

The company’s Safety Solutions, on the other hand, comprise of technologies crafted to safeguard families and their property. Not only that, the design of the products of the company was in such a way they can be “implemented into different applications and have been expertly selected and endorsed by industry experts for top-notch protection.”

Being showcased in the third sets of products, collectively the Saving Solutions, are innovations for lesser energy consumption. They are driven by Panasonic’s commitment to efficiency and power conservation, and the company assures these user-friendly, software-based technologies guarantee customers quick returns on investment (ROI) even as they efficiently generate and manage electricity for a whole range of projects.

With a number of Philippine businesses as well as government agencies hit by cyberattacks, Panasonic’s Security Solutions offer the latest products and systems, leading in the market to secure properties against unwanted incidents by addressing current security challenges. The company’s new system offers top-notch security that requires minimal maintenance.

B2B Integrated Show launches technologies for various uses

Kono, Panasonic Philippines’ vice president for Manufacturing, said his company employs built-in security systems while it also has tapped security experts.

Photo: SDN – SciTech & Digital News

He assured customers of Panasonic’s attention to details of their security.

The Japanese company’s Comfort Solutions come with a host of products ranging from essential to personal care that are aimed at enhancing the comfort of consumers. This is in line with Panasonic’s commitment to providing customers with a comfortable life while it’s also incessantly trying to find ways to create products that are suited to each other and every customer, giving emphasis on safety features.

Panasonic’s B2B Integrated Show in the Philippines unveiled technologies that exemplifies the company’s tireless dedication to innovation and exceptional client service.

As a company that works hard to adapt to the changing ways of the country and its culture, Panasonic innovates with a vision for a smarter, more ready, and more sustainable world for its partners and end-users, as it strives to create a future that’s inclusive to everyone. (✓)

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