July 6, 2020

Category: Lifestyle

Gov’t Position on LSI Travel Moratorium: ‘Public Health First’  

Media Release: CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City, June  30 — Following the moratorium on travel imposed on locally stranded individuals (LSIs) bound for Cebu province, as well as those returning to Regions VI, VIII and CARAGA, the government emphasized that the public’s health must be ensured if the country is to win the war on Covid-19. […]

Five Remarkable Health Benefits of Vitamin C

​Media Release: WHILE there is still no available vaccine yet for Covid-19, we need to continue looking after our physical and mental health to aid our immune system. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to stay active and eat a well-balanced diet, says the World Health Organization (WHO). It also pays to take food […]

PHL’s Pension System Ranks 37th Globally, 7th in Asia

Media Release: ALLIANZ recently released the first edition of its “Global Pension Report”, taking the pulse of pension systems around the world with its proprietary pension indicator, the Allianz Pension Indicator (API). In the report, it shows the ranking of the Philippines globally and in Asia. The Philippines ranks at place 37. It has not […]

Many POLO-Riyadh Staff Positive for Covid-19; Operation Suspended

Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN – Science, Digital & Current News By EDD K. USMAN and DEEN MOHAMMAD RIYADH/MANILA, June 11 (SDN) — MANY employees of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Philippine Embassy Chief of Mission Ambassador Adnan Alonto confirmed this today, […]

Twitter Addresses Gender-based Violence in Times of Covid-19

Media Release: MANILA — IN response to a surge in gender-based violence globally as a result of lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, Twitter on June 4 launched local language search prompts in seven Asia Pacific countries, including the Philippines. When people search on Twitter for Pilipino or Tagalog keywords associated with gender-based violence, they will […]

Greenhills Mall: ‘No Face Mask, No Entry’

Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN – Science, Digital & Current Affairs By EDD K. USMAN (SDN) — GREENHILLS Shopping Center is now a “No Face Mask, No Entry” zone. So, be informed that if you are planning to visit the popular shopping enclave in San Juan City, Metro Manila, better be wearing that piece […]

From SDN, Eid Mubarak, One and All

(SDN) — ISLAM’S holy month of fasting — Ramadan — concludes today, May 24. It started on April 24, thus Muslims have completed a 30-day abstention from food, drinks, cigarettes and intimate marital relations. This year’s fasting (1441 in the Hegirah Muslim lunar calendar) came in summetime, a trying time for those who fast, and […]

Covid-19 Online Fraud Proliferates; Globe Urges Vigilance

Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN – Science, Digital & Current Affairs By EDD K. USMAN (SDN) — CYBERSECURITY organizations and lots of experts have discovered and warned  of the proliferation of online scams hiding behind Covid-19 inspired themes. Kaspersky, Fortinet, and others have been taking the cudgels for the users of internet, asking them […]

​Diabesity: The Tricky Devil in Times of Covid-19

Media Release: By Dr. David Heber, M.D., PhD, FACP, FASN, Chairman, Herbalife Nutrition Institute WE are fighting multiple health devils in our daily lives. While Covid-19 is the most recent one, it’s important that we do not lay our eyes off a few of those healthcare issues that have been afflicting the urban dwellers for […]

Lana Magno Levine, Filipino, Sesame Street’s Longest Tenured Employee

Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affairs By EDD K. USMAN (SDN) — Of the 110 million Filipinos, how many know that a Filipino is the “longest tenured employee” of Sesame Workshop (SW)? And that she is also to date the highest ranking Filipino at SW, the creator and producer […]