July 6, 2020

Tag: cybercriminals

What To Do Before, During, After A Ransomware Attack

​Media Release: OVER three years after the infamous Wannacry ransomware, its costly aftermath still remains a vivid glimpse on the damage cybercriminals can do by kidnapping companies’ essential data. This threat is undoubtedly present as just this month, operations of an automobile giant were halted in several parts of the world after a successful attack […]

HackerOne Pays US$100-Million to Ethical Hackers

Media Release: By Marten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne ONE HUNDRED MILLION is an enormous number. Today we celebrate with all our hackers the phenomenal milestone of a hundred million dollars in bounties. Hack for Good! Yet we should know that we are only getting going. The digital world is not safe and secure yet. Much […]

Covid-19 Online Fraud Proliferates; Globe Urges Vigilance

Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN – Science, Digital & Current Affairs By EDD K. USMAN (SDN) — CYBERSECURITY organizations and lots of experts have discovered and warned  of the proliferation of online scams hiding behind Covid-19 inspired themes. Kaspersky, Fortinet, and others have been taking the cudgels for the users of internet, asking them […]

​Palo Alto Networks: 40,261 ‘High-risk’ Domain Names

Media Release:   WITH the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, interest is high in related topics. Accordingly, Unit 42 researchers found an immense increase in coronavirus-related Google searches and URLs viewed since the beginning of February. Cybercriminals are looking to profit from such trending topics, disregarding ethical concerns, and in this particular case preying on […]

​Android Ransomware Fabricates FBI Notes — Check Point

​While browsing videos to watch on social media, a new variant of Russian malware tricks users into encrypting their files, then impersonates the FBI to force ransom pay, accusing the user of pornographic crimes. Media Release: RESEARCHERS at Check Point has discovered a new variant of Android malware called Black Rose Lucy. First discovered by […]

Double Whammy: Covid-19 Threatens Physical, Online World

Media Release:  WITH more than two million cases globally, the coronavirus pandemic has undeniably created a massive disruption and continues to pose a real-life threat to humans from around the world. But has this invisible risk crossed the physical world and reached the online domain? Findings from the researchers of global cybersecurity company Kaspersky suggest […]

Kaspersky Brings Security Analyst Summit Online; Registration Is Free

Media Release: Annual conference of IT security professionals now open for free registration KASPERSKY has announced the first virtual version of its annual Security Analyst Summit (SAS) packed with three days of presentations and series of training from April 28 to 30. Aimed at sharing knowledge and findings about the current cybersecurity trends and threats, […]

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Delivers Optimal User Experience

Media Release: By Rajesh Kari, Product Marketing Manager, Fortinet One of the most critical strategies for businesses undergoing digital transformation is to ensure that growth and expansion is built on a distributed infrastructure. This not only enables them to quickly adapt to today’s dynamic business environments. It also more effectively supports their BCDR (business continuity and […]

As Telemedicine Grows, Healthcare Organizations Must Secure Patient Care

Media Release: THE healthcare industry is no stranger to adopting new technologies to improve patient care. While most think of physical equipment, like MRI and X-Ray machines, there is another piece of the puzzle that has played a critical role in today’s changing healthcare landscape – telemedicine. This practice has become more commonplace as new […]

Kaspersky Offers Tips on Secure Video Conferencing

Media Release: ALL of a sudden, we find our entire lives playing out online. Never before has the connected world and our ability to communicate, socialize, work, and transact online been more front-of-mind or more critical. Although the ability to do this is incredible, we have to face the reality that where people go, cybercriminals […]