Cryptopia Exchange lists Quanta token QNTU as tradable asset

CRYPTOPIA Exchange has another token in its listing.

It’s Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU), which will be tradable as asset on Cryptopia.

Blueprint Marketing Limited relayed this development to Scitech and Digital News in an email Tuesday evening.

“Quanta is happy to announce that our token, Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU), will be listed on Cryptopia Exchange as tradable asset on 11 September 2018,” the message said.

Cryptopia Exchange 1

On the website of the exchange, the Cryptopia Team also announced the new token’s listing.

Quanta Network Token Utility

“Quanta (QNTU) will be available on Cryptopia for trading as 3:00 AM (UTC) on 11 September 2018, The following trade pairs will be available — QNTU/BTC, QNTU/LTC & QNTU/DOGE.

“You can start depositing and withdrawing QNTU immediately,” the team said.

Here’s more from the exchange:

“Quanta is an innovative blockchain-oriented company, utilizing smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent background to lotteries. With the implementation of its blockchain-powered Random Number Generation (RNG), which is patented and certified, Quanta minimizes the opportunity of cheating and manipulation in gambling.

“Quanta with its blockchain-powered solution leverages the credibility and the transparency of the lotteries and increases the confidence among the players.”

On the other hand, Cryptopia emphasized that investing on cryptocurrency “is subject to high market risk.”

Bitcoin image

Image: CCN.

Cryptopia urges caution on investments

It added:

“Please make your investments cautiously and ensure you thoroughly research every coin and investment. Cryptopia makes our best efforts to choose high quality coins, but does not accept responsibility for your investment losses.”

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform ranked in the world’s top 50 or 60 exchanges.

The email from Blueprint Marketing Limited also said:

“Quanta, the first fully licensed blockchain lottery in the world, also understands and values the importance of strict regulation in the gaming industry.

“Hence, Quanta went through the rigorous process to obtain a license issue by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission to operate the Quanta Lottery, of which, the Randao process plays the core part.”

Randao, it added, is the backbone of the lottery online lottery company’s unique RNG technology that is utilized to generate the random numbers required for selecting the winners of the lottery prize.

NMi Certificate

Quanta even had it tested to ensure the system’s legitimate performance by NMi (acquired by GLI in 2017), the independent specialist that conducts compliance tests to assess the quality and accuracy of a measuring instrument, in this case the Randao process, and was granted the NMi Certificate to prove its credibility.

It can be recalled that Quanta was one of the seven cryptocurrency companies launched in the Philippines during the Token News Conference on August 27 at Okada Hotel Manila, Entertainment City, Pasay City.

It’s marketing director, Shogo Ishida, introduced Quanta to Filipinos. (EKU)





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