July 6, 2020

Day: August 28, 2018

Meet Black Rose Lucy; Checkpoint says ‘she’ is latest Russian MaaS botnet

Everyone loves roses; meaning the flower, in red, pink, yellow, or white. But surely you are not going to love “Black Rose Lucy.” For after all, Black Rose Lucy, according to a report by Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. is the “latest Russian MaaS (malware-as-a-service) Botnet.” What’s a botnet? WhatIs.com said “a botnet is a […]

IBM unleashes biggest ever AI toolset for 9 industries and professions

ARMONK, N.Y., September 24, 2018 – IBM (NYSE:IBM) today introduced new Watson solutions and services pre-trained for a variety of industries and professions including agriculture, customer service, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, building management, automotive, marketing, and advertising. “As data flows continue to increase, people are overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to […]