Winners of 1st DOST ‘Bantog’ 2018 Science Journalism Competition known

Congratulations to the pioneer winners of the DOST-STII 'Bantog: The Science for the People Media Award'.


Finally, the wait and anticipation will be over and done with.

That’s the announcement of the Department of Science and Technology through its Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII).

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This WAIT is for the RESULT of the inaugural Science Journalism Competition called “Bantog”: The Science for the People Media Awards organized by the DOST-STII.

4 categories for Bantog

Around 48 practicing journalists and government media staff and news organizations from across the Philippines joined “Bantog,” a Filipino word that means “famous” in English.

The organizers invited more than 70 journalists — national, regional, and local practicing members of the Philippine media.

There are four categories in the competition such as the Institutional Award (Media Organzations); Professional Award (Media Practitioners); Regional Media Practitioner Award; and DOST Outstanding Information Officer Award.

Php0.1 million awaits winners

At stake, aside from the sculptured trophy in gold color for the winners of the four brackets in the Professional Award — TV, Radio, Cyber Press (Online), and Print — are cash prizes: Php100,000, first place; Php50,000, second place; and Php25,000, third place.

The Regional Media Practitioner will have one winner with Php50,000 in cash and trophy.

For the Outstanding Information Officer Award, the winners stand to receive Php30,000, first place; P20,000, second place; and Php10,000, third place.

All winners will receive the same trophy.

Need for communicating science

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña said at its launch in February 2018 that it is vital to communicate to the people the government’s S&T programs, projects, and products resulting from its research and development (R&D) initiatives and how people benefit from these technologies and innovations.

Photo editing_Cloud20180915_2

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña (2nd, right) with three practicing journalists in Butuan City during the DOST CARAGA 2018 Regional Science and Technology Week (EKU) 

The Bantog then is the DOST’s way of recognizing science journalists who are in a way are partners of the government spreading the information across the country, more so in the countryside.

Front and back

For the DOST-STII head, Director Richard P. Burgos, the Science of the People Media Awards is both at the front and back science communication.

Director Richard P Burgos

DOST-STII Director Richard P. Burgos at the DOST CARAGA RSTW, the inauguration of a Korean-made rice mill of the Bayugan Farmers Millers Multi-Purpose Cooperative. (EKU)

Here’s how the DOST-STII describes the Science Journalism award:

​”Bantog: The Science for the People Media Awards is given in recognition for the important role of media practitioners (print, radio, TV, and online), in government and private practice, who made significant contributions to the promotion of science and technology information in the country through outstanding science reporting and coverage.”

Ma. Lilibeth “Beth” P. Padilla of the STII Public Affairs Unit, Communication Resources and Production Division, said the Bantog event will be held on September 28 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City. (EKU)

Hello, Cyber World! A journalist's passion for news, which for me is every and any kind of news, but specially on Science, Technology, Innovation, Digital, and Current News, or just about anything under Heaven, birthed this news platform. Disclosure: I am not a scientist nor an expert on anything Science, and not a techie either; just some journalist who loves and care to bring the good news and share them to everyone out there. It is a big, big physical world out there, but the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Internet in the Digital Age, has shrunk Earth into one small virtual community. Each human being a "neighbor" to everyone in the Philippines and in any point of the compass. Whatever you may see or think could be my and this site's shortcoming, my apologies. So, there, please join me in my journey in cyberspace! Be home, be safe, be mindful of your neighbors, of the Creator! Thanks so much.

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